Reported by Andie Onyemeziem


The chairman, *SPON* Campaign Organisations, Hon. Pascal Adigwe has stated that he was unhappy about what he read concerning the nomination of his principal, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi.
In a press release availabe to the media, he said that it was unfortunate that some persons could just go to the media with falsehood, thereby misleading our innocent Anioma citizens.

He imployed the good people of Anioma to ignore such posts.
He said:
“As your humble servant and the chairman of the *SPON
Campaign Organisations*, even though a dignified silence would have surficed as usual, however, I like to state the fact at issue”, because, it is incumbent on this office to protect the minds of our people by keeping things in their right perspectives.

Hon. Adigwe, who said that he was mindful of the prejudicious state of the matter, therefore, was direct to his points and thereby stated as follows that:

1. The PDP Delta North Senatorial Primary took place on October 2, 2018 and that Senator Peter Nwoboshi *WON* clearly.

2. That SPON was duly congratulated.

3. That as the clear winner, Sen. Nwaoboshi’s name was duly and legitimately forwarded to the INEC.

4. That thenafter, the INEC used his name and result, as accepted, approved and signed by all the 9 LGA INEC Electoral Officers, Security Agencies and recognized Observers to *PRINT the CERTIFICATE of RETURN* in the name of *SENATOR PETER NWAOBOSHI*.
as was done for every other winner in the entire Country.

That INEC then released the printed form to PDP to in turn distribute to the respective candidates, stating that he, Hon. Adigwe,
personally collected the one for Senator PETER NWOBOSHI, supervised the filling and signing done by over 30 prominent Anioma persons and he subsequently returned it to the party.

5- That the Party PDP further submitted it back to INEC with all the necessary endorsements, meeting the deadline of 12 midnight of 18th October 2018, in line with the Electoral Act.
(Find Copies Attached)

Speaking further, Hon. Adigwe said that it was surprising to see that some persons are spreading falsehood. *We and the party do not know the form being referred to by these unrepentant cynics.*

He pleaded with the people of Anioma to *always be guided by the things which hold us together as true, traceable and genuine children of Anioma who know that what holds and unites us is stronger and deeper than the albatross that wants to divide us.*

He stressed that PRIMARIES have come and gone since 18th of October, other distractions, insinuations and innuendoes shall be delt with, vacated and quashed as others.

Finally, while thanking all for the support and resilience, he uses his Office therefore to plead, most fervently that all tools be downed and all hands come on deck to move our party forward and to protect the unity of purpose of the Anioma people which he said all fought for with everything.

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