The governorship candidate of the National Rescue Movement Party (NRMP), in Rivers State Prince Victor Kirika has accused the Federal Government of deceiving the people on the burning issue of Ogoni clean up.

Kirika said what was going on in Ogoni land was epileptic, saying that if elected as governor of the state in 2019, he will bring the international community closer and ensure that the Federal Government implement the clean up of Ogoni land.

“What is going on is epileptic, government just came up and said $171 million will be raised to clean up Ogoni land which I know they are deceiving the people. The senators, members of the House of Representatives are not telling the people the truth,” he stated.

Kirika who spoke at Airport Asaba in Delta State, told journalists that he has already filed a suit against the Federal Government at the International Court of Justice on the issue of Ogoni clean up, noting that before the end of the year, the matter will come up for hearing.

His words: “That fight is still on. We are filing against the government on this Ogoni land clean up. Before the end of this year, we are hopeful to get the date of hearing at the International Court of Justice.

“The international community cannot support an epileptic clean up. There is nothing like clean up in Ogoni, I came from the village yesterday, I leave in Ogoni land. Our leaders are criminals, fraudsters. Don’t believe what you see or hear them talk on the media.

“Let the international community and the president come with me to Ogoni land and show us what is going on. There is nothing like clean up, my community is the first community in Ogoni land. So if clean up is going on, I should be able to know not the media.”

The 37-year governorship candidate vowed to defeat incumbent Nyesom Wike of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Tonye Cole in 2019, claiming that both APC and PDP have failed the people of Rivers State.

He said Ogoni people have been marginalized in the political scheme of things in Rivers State, adding that if the election is free and fair, nothing will stop his victory, even as he warned of dire consequences should be poll be rigged either in favour of PDP or APC.

“My people, the Ogoni people came with a bleeding heart crying that in the history of Rivers State, Ogoni land which is a major producer of oil in the state has never produced Governor, Deputy Governor, Speaker of the state assembly, Accountant General or the Chief Judge.
“It is like every Ogoni leader went to sleep after the death of Ken Sarowiwa. I have heeded their call to rescue the state through the NRMP. There is one mentality that I want to clear from our people, that idea of if you are not in PDP or APC you cannot win election is wrong.
“That idea has been selling because free and fair election has never taken place. If election is free and fair in the system, the people’s choice will count. As you can see, 2019 general election will be free and fair, there is nothing anybody can do about it.
“I know that I have what it takes to win every other political party in Rivers because everybody in the state whether youth or women will vote for me because I have done no wrong. I don’t have security baggage with EFCC or the police,” he claimed.

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