– By Emmanuel Enebeli

WARRI/Nigeria: An online survey carried out by, an online based news platform, has scored the government of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa high in the area of Infrastructural and Road Developments, in the state and given the Delta government a thumbs down in the management of Security, Agric and Human Capital Development.

The survey, which ran for 3 months, saw 3000 respondents, responding to a simple question asking the readers, in what area they can easily access the performance of the Okowa led administration in the state, since inception.

The categories focused on by the survey were infrastructure, roads, human capital, security, and an option not considering any of the parameters.

The online poll was conducted using the Total Soft plugin, which was installed in the websites to carryout the process. The software has an in-built provision for automatic numerical indexing of results, by providing the percentage of the survey counts of each measurement parameter.

In the final result obtained from the analysis, roads, and other infrastructural development projects like educational facilities and hospitals, got the highest number.

However the breakdown shows that while roads scored 29.17 percent of the respondents, the other infrastructural development areas like schools, hospitals and water, scored 33.33 percent.

The government however, got knocks by scoring low in the areas of human capital development, and agriculture, which got 4.17 percent respectively. Also, security which was part of the survey question, scored low, as it got 8.33 percent. The result on these three parameters from the survey can be described as shocking, given the fact that the government had used every opportunity to project how her efforts through the different programmes on youth development, which also is infused with human capital development and agricultural development efforts, had created what it termed as ‘Stepreneurs’ in their thousands and equally improved the lives of Deltans in the state.

A critical analysis of the survey results however, suggests that the government needed to re-evaluate it’s strategy in monitoring and creating awareness amongst the populace on the various implementations of training and agricultural programmes in the state.

The result also calls to question, the huge amount that is spent annually within the past three years, especially in the training of youths, on different skills, such as the YAGEP, STEP, the support to fish farmers, the rice project policy and other expenditures on supporting the various security services in the state, to curb banditry and kidnapping in various parts of the state.

A critical component of the survey, was that it also took into consideration those who feel that there is no need to use the above parameters to access the government performance, since 2015.

The group of respondent fell to within 20.83 percent of those who were undecided on the assessment of the progress made by this government.

This can be termed high, as it may give the impression, that these groups of respondents are yet to decide whether this government had performed or not

The highest scores obtained in the area of roads, and other infrastructural development, can also be adjudged as a plus, as it is justified by the number of roads the government claims it had resurfaced or constructed, as well as the comprehensive work being done on the Asaba and Warri Drainages, the renovation of schools and hospitals, the provision of water and many more that fell within this category.

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