The Forum of SDP Party Chairmen has accused Professor Jerry Gana of working for the Presidential ambition of the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of the leading opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the upcoming presidential election.

In a statement signed and made available to journalists by the Chairman, Hon. Oke Idawene and Secretary Hon. Abubakar Dogara of the Forum respectively, the forum said” At this particular juncture, we wish to let the generality of our party men and women, well wishers and Nigerians know that Professor Jerry Gana is a mole and agent of the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the PDP for the upcoming election.

“It is unfortunate and unthinkable that Prof. Gana who parades himself as a unifying factor and bridge builder in Nigeria politics can do this, Idawene lamented, adding: “We never knew this was his plan. When we started the moves for the collaboration that eventually led to the fusion of the Movement for New Political Order with the old SDP in March 2018, We didn’t know that there was a sinister plan by Prof. Gana and his men to hijack the SDP in readiness for the presidential ambition of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

The Forum said: “We didn’t know that was the objective of Gana and his cohorts. This is shameful and ridiculous for a man we all respect, a man that we have proposed for the position of Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the SDP. So this is the objective and purpose behind all these drama and desperation. This is absolutely unbelievable”.

The Forum accused Prof. Gana of collecting a huge amount of money from Atiku and his co-sponsors to finance his script and perfect the sinister plan for an Atiku presidency at all cost.

Fingering Gana as the architect of the disruption and decimation of the SDP presidential agenda, the forum was quoted to have said, “So people can be this mean, wicked and selfish. We were always in his house, holding meetings and calling him our indefatigable leader. We held him in very high esteem. We never knew this is where he was heading to. We heard on reliable authority that Gana never have any real or genuine plan to run for presidency, all he was doing was to hold the SDP in abbeyance for Atiku. We gathered that on the day of the SDP national convention, Atiku men and Gana were in constant touch, reviewing and comparing notes on the events in Port-Harcourt and Abuja.

“As a matter of fact, intelligence reports just reaching us reveal that Atiku and Gana had a plane on standbye at the Port-Harcourt International Airport should in case Atiku fail to clinch the PDP presidential ticket in Port-Hacourt, he would have been flown to Abuja where plan had been concluded that Gana, the surrogate would have railroaded the party hierarchy into his sinister plan and orchestrated the emergence of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the SDP presidential candidate by withdrawing his own form and slot in Atiku’s nomination form which they had already perfected.

“We never gave it a serious thought. We were just following his leads and prompting. We believed in him and we were determined to forge a serious cord of alliance with Professor Gana, going by his standing and perhaps perception of a larger-than-life posture and media razzmatazz”.

The Forum said: ” We heard it, but we never gave it any serious thought. We thought it was just rumour. It didn’t appeared to us as a big deal. It is now that it has dawn on us. We are now playing back the whole scenario, like a film.

“What an irony. We were just following Gana sheepishly, like fools and “mumu” not knowing Gana had a plan for which he had collected a fat cheque to execute the “Big Idea” like a mafia in alliance with Neliaku, his Director General and other fellows in a Machiavellian style.

“That was why they always hold meetings in their Asokoro’s Strategy office, where Prof. Gana men dominated the SDP, holding sway and running things at the SDP secretariat.

“That is also when Prof Gana men under the coordination of Ike Neliaku single-handedly smuggled in the now famous Article 15:3 Rotation and Zoning of Offices into the now adopted SDP Constitution 2018 as ammended.

“The Clause which was copy from the PDP constitution was a preconcieved plan by Gana and his men to ensure that they nailed the plan for domination. This was unknown to many of the leaders of the party. They single-handedly wrote and perfected the Constitution in preparation for what is happening in the party today.

“We never looked at all of these, because we trusted the man and were sincere with him. But on his part, he was never sincere and thrutful to the party and the leadership. What a drama? What a shame? He had all his plans and scripts worked out.

‘When eventually, Atiku clinched the PDP ticket in Port- Harcourt, the plan changed. Their strategy backfired, when to Gana greatest shock, Donald Duke who arrived on the scene less than six (6) weeks to the convention, who was never given a chance by Gana men coasted home to victory. That was the last stroke that broke the carmel”s back. Prof. Gana who had arrived the venue of the convention in grand style wirh a parade of the rich culture of the SDP riding on a retinue of horses like a man going for durbar, already with a victory speech well scripted by his men in his pocket. He was totally flagabasteed by Duke shocking victory.

“So the litigation, the plan and drama about his aborted presidential ticket is a ploy and design to hold on to the party and put it in his pocket like his personal property. Now it has dawn on him and his group that they can not justify to their pay master what they have achieved with the huge amount of money they have collected. The bubble has bust and what they promised, they cannot deliver.
They are desperately looking for a way to rationalise their inability to again railroad the party to an alliance with PDP or an endorsement of their sponsor, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’.

The Forum said’ We are aware of their next move. Their plan to declare for PDP and support Atiku has been leaked by the same people that were planning it. We wish to use this medium to inform the General public that Professor Gana is just an ordinary member of the SDP, he is not a member of any statutory committee of the party. He is not at any level of authority, he is not a member of the Board Of Trustees (BOT), nor a member of the National Working Committee(NWC) neither a member of the National Executive Committee(NEC), so Prof. Gana or his men does not have the authority to speak on behalf of the Party. The party is a statutory institution, recognised and operates according to the dictates of the law, and people must be reminded that these laws and constitution of the Party must be respected. If any individual or group of individuals breach the constitution and rules of the party, they should also expect that penalties and punishment awaits such act of breaches.

“We want to use this opportunity reiterates support say also affairms the following: That the Forum of SDP States Party Chairmen wish to commend the efforts of the leadership of the party, particularly on the success of the extraordinary meeting of the NEC where some important decisions that borders on the progress of the Party were taken.

“That the Forum wish to reiterate its support for the decision of the party on the alliance with the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the adoption of its presidential candidate President Muhammadu Buhari as its choice in the 2019 presidential election.”

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