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fb_img_15600454434171920984224043.jpgFrontline Delta State political activist and recognized social welfare advocate, Bayagbon Usimo JP, has called on political and other leaders in ethnic nationalities that make up the state, to shun ethnic divides and other divisive and diversionary tendencies and instead, join hands with the present Government of Senator Dr. Ifeanyi, the Executive Governor of Delta State, to build a united, peaceful and stronger Delta, as he commences his second tenure administration.

Bayagbon Usimo, popularly addressed as “General Josh Rtd” by peers and admirers in the state, made this timely and auspicious admonition in a short but concise epistle to the leaders, key players and stakeholders in the ethnic nationalities of Delta State, titled: “Rebranding the Political Affiliations Amongst Various Ethnic Groups in Delta State.”

The youthful politician, further noted that it has become quite clear that negativity is eating deep into the political system thereby inducing the mental process of citizens on a negative drive, and while cautioning that such negative mindsets would not augur well for the development of the state, appealed that more effort should be made, especially by the political leaders to redirect the negativity and channel it towards encouraging and galvanising the people in the constituencies, to embrace and support the administration and SMART Agenda of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, in order to ensure the delivery of more dividends of democracy and achieve the objective of prosperity to all Deltans, in the next four years.

Bayabon Usimo’s epistle, which he released on his dedicated social media handles reads thus:


Ethnic contraption connotes natural creation, but exploited by political encapsulation through various leaders and propagated by political parties, using internally entrenched mindset that creates a non solid but soluble political environment which has attracted the attention of many actors to look closely into the continuous poor returns in our democratic processes, based on the perspective of people within the various ethnic groups, as is evident in their political philosophy and discreet rivalry and pattern of political arrangement cum argument.

Playing the recall card, one will tend to rethink and possibly review and make a case study on the political philosophies of various personalities that still dominate the present democratic processes with minimal difference. It has become obvious that negativity and other internal and external influences have become a persistent factor aimed at distortion, thereby establishing a negative mindset to sustain ethnic divide, which in turn has impeded the success of our democratic system that was well planted, in-spite of the established legacy by our well organized political leaders.

Therefore, we should all learn to control our impulses and channel them towards achieving a stronger Delta because without sacrifice, there won’t be victory. Note, we all are more important than we possibly imagine because all important decisions in life often come down to one moment and that moment is NOW, when various ethnic groups within our state, must work together to achieve a stronger Delta fingered by God.

Bayagbon Usimo JP.

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