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Mr. Emmanuel Ereyi, the Rivers State correspondent of Channels Television, has resigned from his appointment with the national Television Broadcaster, citing an alleged political conspiracy by Channels Television to undermine his professional reputation and ethics over a revealing report of what transpired in the state during the 2019 general elections and in particular, the events of Rivers State governorship elections.

Mr. Ereyi’s decision to quit Channels TV was contained in a letter of resignation, which detailed an alleged grand conspiracy by two political parties, the African Action Congress AAC and the All Progressives Congress, APC in an unholy alliance with the Nigerian Army (6th Division in Rivers State), to use Channels Television to circulate false reports with the objective of supporting the game plan to massively rig the March 29, Rivers State Governorship election.

Ereyi, who tendered his resignation letter online, to pre-empt a suspected deliberate delay in the submission of the already despatched hard copy, as well as an anticipated counter action by Channels TV to terminate his appointment unceremoniously, revealed the plot by Channels Television management to illegally use him to manipulate information and outrightly kill any incriminating footage or report by their erstwhile correspondent in Rivers State, during the elections,

Comrade Ereyi’s travails and implied persecution, started after his interview with an INEC official, which allegedly exposed the rigging plot of the conspirators and his video report on the invasion of INEC Headquarters by soldiers, which angered and provoked the Channels TV Management considerably.

Feelers sourced from Channels TV also hinted that a panel of enquiry was set up by the management of the TV station and the panel subsequently accused him of contravening and disregarding the defined organisational objectives outlined for the reportage on Rivers election.

Further narratives on the matter indicated that Channels Television may also have detailed one Doubra Timiwood from Bayelsa State, whose situation reports were regarded by many eye witnesses as generally false, concocted and misleading reflections and representations of the real situation on ground during the Rivers elections, allegedly in favour of the AAC/APC/Army alliance ostensibly to make the rigging plot credible.

It was equally believed that the deployment of the very popular programme, Politics Today Anchorman, Seun Okinbaloye to Rivers State, was supposedly meant to be a last ditch effort to add credibility to the dubious rigging plot, but Comrade Ereyi stood his ground and maintained his professional ethics and neutrality, with his objective reporting and live video reports, which many saw as the credible and authentic picture of events, in view of Ereyi’s well known status as the TV Station’s Rivers correspondent and which purportedly destroyed the rigging plot of AAC/APC Army alliance during the elections.

On April 3, 2019, following the lifting of the suspension of all activities relating to Rivers election by INEC, Channels Television noticeably did not transmit live signals on the Collation of Rivers State Governorship election, but instead, repeatedly aired the protests by AAC/APC whilst the Collation was on.

His letter of resignation, sourced online, is published below in full.

Human Resource Manager,

Channels Television,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Dear Sir/Ma


I wish to tender my Letter of Resignation as Rivers State Correspondent for Channels Television with immediate effect.

This had become inevitable following series of issues especially following the 2019 elections in Rivers State, especially as I insisted on standing for the truth against the subtle wishes and instruction from some powerful individual not to talk about the role allegedly played by a section of the security agencies in the polls,

Perhaps, to favor a candidate of choice. And on this matter I was invited before a Panel, before which I insisted that nobody can lure or intimidate me to report that which I know is untrue. Especially as I choose to report truth on any matter in the profession.

However, It was rather sad to attempt to force a Letter of Termination on me without due process not stating any grounds of infringement. A Letter I completely rejected and asked the Person handling to send back, while I turn in my resignation. This, therefore comes as a soft copy as the courier service delivers the hard copy.

I am utterly disappointed and wish to state that I will not allow any individual no matter how self acclaimed powerful to destroy my personal and professional goals over political sentiments that have always been denied or sheer wickedness without due considerations whatsoever.

Also, due to sustained psychological and emotional stress following over bearing interference and perceived interests (for lack of a better Phrase), in the Bureau, leading to some form of bad blood and negative energy, which began to affect my personal and professional Goals in the Organization, I am happy to tender my letter of resignation.

Emmanuel Ereyi.

An alumnus of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma and an old boy of the prestigious Edo College. Benin City, Emmanuel Ereyi hails from Benin in Edo state and has been working with Channels TV as the Rivers state correspondent for a while.


However, Channels Television has, in a swift reaction, dismissed the allegations of political conspiracy leveled against it by Mr. Emmanuel Ereyi and said instead that the erstwhile Rivers State Correspondent (and his photographer too), was rather sacked, for what the establishment described as his alleged unprofessional conduct during the last 2019 general elections, particularly in his reportage of the Rivers State governorship election.

The independent private news and media television said the decision to sack Mr. Ereyi was taken after a thorough investigation from which damaging evidence of biases, partisanship and compromise were uncovered against the journalist and the cameraman attached to him during the polls.

Channels TV management further allege that Ereyi was believed to have been influenced by Governor Nyesom Wike to fabricate falsehood to enhance his reelection for a second-term, buttressing its allegation with examples of some reports filed by Mr. Ereyi prior to the elections, including a claim that Gov Wike had successfully constructed and completed the “ Mile-1 Market and Health Centre at Agip”, which was later discovered to be false.

With specific reference to the 2019 general elections and the March 9, Rivers guber elections in particular, , Channels TV management noted that Mr Ereyi was in the forefront in promoting the incumbent Governor at all cost, during the elections, even if it meant slandering every other individual or group, adding that Gov. Wike, recognizing Channels TV as one of the country’s leading news station, allegedly offered the station’s correspondent in the state, huge financial incentive to secure his total support and this gross partisanship of the reporter got to a head when the Rivers Guber poll was suspended by INEC and Mr. Ereyi was used as the tool in disseminating tailored, concocted and biased stories against the Nigerian Army, at the alleged expense of other reports like how the governor armed fake military personnel in a bid to jeopardise the exercise, which Ereyi deliberately swept under the carpet, thereby misleading the public.

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