Disney and Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame has finally passed up James Cameron’s 2009 behemoth Avatar to become the top grossing film of all time at the worldwide box office, not adjusted for inflation.

Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios celebrated the feat at Comic-Con as Pandora’s decade-long rule has finally ended.

Marvel chief Kevin Feige and his team announced the milestone when taking the stage at Comic-Con late Saturday afternoon in San Diego.

“A huge congratulations to the Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios teams, and thank you to the fans around the world who lifted Avengers: Endgame to these historic heights,” Disney Studios co-chairman and chief creative officer Alan Horn said in a statement.

Through Friday, Avengers: Endgame’s global gross was $2,789.2 billion, $500,000 behind Avatar’s $2,789.7 billion. The gap will be closed on Saturday or Sunday once weekend box office grosses are tallied (last weekend, Endgame brought in $2.8 million globally).

At the end of last weekend, Endgame trailed Avatar by $7 million, at least on paper. In recent days, however, Disney found additional money when reconciling the movie’s final global earnings, a process that occurs at the end of any film’s run. That’s in addition to $2 million or more from weekday ticket sales.

As fate would have it, Avatar is now part of the Mouse House empire following Disney’s acquisition of much of 21st Century Fox in late March.

“Of course, even with the passage of a decade, the impact of James Cameron’s Avatar remains as powerful as ever, and the astonishing achievements of both of these films are ongoing proof of the power of movies to move people and bring them together in a shared experience,” Horn continued in his statement.

“The talented filmmakers behind these worlds have much more in store, and we look forward to the future of both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Pandora.”

Avengers: Endgame has shattered numerous records since debuting in cinemas in late April.

Among other achievements, the superhero extravaganza scored the biggest global opening of all time with $1.22 billion, including an all-time high of $357.1 million domestically and $866.5 million overseas.

The film is the fourth outing in the blockbuster Avengers series and the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In late June, Avengers: Endgame was re-released in theaters with roughly six minutes of new footage in a bid to pass up Avatar.

Endgame’s domestic total is currently $853.4 million and $1,935.8 billion internationally.

Reported by Pamela McClintock (www.Hollywood reporter.com)

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