The Social Democratic Party (SDP) leadership has assured Nigerians of its readiness and determination to lead Nigeria out of its present socio-political woes if given the opportunity to rule Nigeria in 2023.

This was contained in a communique issued at the end of a one-day national dialogue organised by the SDP Forum of State Chairmen in Abuja yesterday.

The Forum took time to review the present security situation and wide-spread discontent by some segments of the country, which was described as constituting grave concern to the SDP leadership and other patriotic stakeholders; it called on President Buhari to take decisive steps to stem the tide of killings by armed bandits which may threaten the unity of Nigeria.

Speaking at the event, the Chairman of the Forum, Ambassador Hon. Oke Idawene said” The SDP Forum of State Party Chairmen rose from it’s one day deliberation and review of the State Of the Nation, taking into cognizance, the spate of killings, kidnapping and more recently the death of prominent innocent Nigerians as a result of the escalating activities of armed bandits and suspected herdsmen which have constitute menace to human life and sanctity; and has also pose a serious threat to the unity and continuous co-existence of Nigerian diverse multi-ethnic nationalities

Shedding more light on a statement issued by the SDP Director of Media and Publicity, Hon. Yemi Akinbode, Hon. Idawene said “We have looked at recent development in the nation particularly in the economic and political spheres and cannot but challenge President Buhari to take decisive steps to reverse the ugly trend in many of the geopolitical zones whose development have been affected and arrested in recent time by the increasing acts of terrorism, armed banditory, and lately herdsmen attacks.

“We are particularly irked by the harrowing situations of Nigerians in the North east, where the activities of Boko Haram and ISWA have continued to snuff lives out of the people without reprieve. We are particularly miffed by the pathetic and uncertainty of the situation of Nigerians held captives and has remained in captivity for over 587 days. The Nigeria government must take adequate measure to secure them and also mandate the armed and security forces to ensure the security and sanctity of lives.”

He continued “The security situation is no better in the other regions with increased activities of banditry and herdsmen across the north and south. It is high time the President step up actions to assure Nigerians that the government is committed to securing the people.

On the state of the economy, the Forum called on the federal government to do all it can to address the problem of youth employment as one of the major causes of security problems in Nigeria. “One major challenge bewildling Nigeria is the issue of youth unemployment. This has become a monster that is tearing our nation apart. With 60 percent unemployment prevalence in Nigeria, the government must rise to the occasion in taming the monster called unemployment. If the government can focus and conquer unemployment, reduce poverty and inequality our society would be better for it.

The Forum thanked President Buhari and the Federal Government for remembering and honouring late Chief MKO Abiola, the acclaimed winner of the June 12 1993 presidential election which has become the symbol of our democracy.

He said “We are immensely grateful to President Buhari for remembering and honouring Chief MKO Abiola, the acclaimed winner of that landmark election. Abiola died for Nigeria democracy and today he has become the symbol of Nigeria democracy with the passing of the bill that legitimized June 12 as Nigeria Democracy Day. We thank you Mr. President for recognising SDP as the custodian of June 12 and institutionalizing Abiola as the symbol of our democracy.

We strongly believe that the SDP is the hope for the future. Based on the Party’s philosophy and principles, the SDP is being repositioned to take over power in 2023 in order to foster and promote the ethos and ideals of social democracy for the good of all Nigerians. We urge the true progressives and new breed politicians to join hands with the Party to lead Nigeria into prosperity”.

On the upcoming Governorship elections in Kogi and Bayelsa State, the Forum charged politicians and INEC to play by the rules and ensure that peoples’ vote counts at the election.

“Our Party is fielding candidates in both Kogi and Bayelsa. We are not just fielding candidates, we are fielding credible candidates that can deliver on our promises. So we implored other players and INEC to play by the rules. This is the only way we can give power back to the people. Let the votes of the electorate counts in the November election. We must not allow ourselves to be mocked and ridiculed by the international community who always raise issues on the credibility of our elections. We must do things better this time around” the statement quipped.

While fielding questions from Journalists on the expulsion of some Party leaders, the Forum of State Party Chairmen was emphatic on its support for the decision of the National Working Committee (NWC) lead by its Chairman, Professor Tunde Adeniran, National Secretary, Alhaji Shehu Gabam and other members of the NWC for their decision to expel some party members for gross misconduct and anti-party activities.

This is a party process and procedure. The constitution of the Party Article 19. 4 empowers the NWC to suspend or expel any members for anti-party activities or any other actions that may be injurious to the growth of the party.

So those who were expelled by the party like Alfa Mohammed, Chief Supo Shonibare, Sen. Ebenezer Ikehina and others who drew the wrought of the Party remained expelled; the NWC followed due process and the constitution of the party in taking its decision. And that decision is final.

The Party for the umpteenth time want to use this forum to inform the general public that those who were expelled from the party early this year are no longer members of the SDP. It is therefore criminal and unconstitutional for any group or groups of individual or any institution whatsoever to deal with these elements on behalf of the Party.

The dialogue was attended by over 30 SDP State Party Chairmen from all the six geopolitical zones, which include the Secretary of the Forum’, Hon. Abubakar Dogara(Plateau) Hon. Chief Korede Duyile(Ondo) Hon. Adamu Idris(Kaduna) Ogbuehi Val Amafili(Imo) Hon. Femi Olaniyi a.k.a Ferrari(Lagos).


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