There is uncertainty over the authenticity of a list in circulation, in which portfolios have already been assigned to the 43 Ministers designate, already screened and confirmed by the Senate.

The Presidency has reacted to a list making the rounds of ‘Ministers-Designate and assigned portfolio’, telling Nigerians to disregard the list and stressing that the portfolios would be announced by President Mohammadu Buhari himself, during the inauguration of the Ministers, on the date that is yet to be announced to Nigerians.

President Buhari’s Special Assistant on New media, Bashir Ahmad, on his Twitter page, urged Nigerians to disregard any list of ministers’ portfolio making the rounds on social media.

According to him, the list will be officially announced by President Buhari during inauguration.

Ahmad wrote: “So someone makes a list of Ministers-Designate and assigned portfolio for them. The assigned list is now trending on WhatsApp as usual.

“DISREGARD any list please Nigerians. Portfolio will be announced by Mr. President after their inauguration as Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” the President’s Special assistant affirmed.

It could be recalled that a similar list of Ministers had also been leaked, weeks before the eventual list was submitted to the National Assembly by the President and presidency spokespersons had also dismissed that list as fake, only for it to turn out that virtually all the names on the ‘leaked’ list, were the same names which appeared on the final list.

Nigerians are now waiting patiently to see if this already published “leaked” list of Buhari’s ministers’ and their portfolios trending virally on social media, will be the same list that President Buhari will announce on inauguration day, just like the first list submitted to the National Assembly.

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