The ideals one extols are revealing and reflective of the kind of a person he or she is. For days, I wracked my brain for a befitting title that captures the purposeful and impactful life, the great personality of the subject matter of this short piece. And then, in a quiet moment of lucid inspiration, the idea of Isoko values which for years have agitated the mind of the subject came to my mind.

Over the years, the restoration of the enduring Isoko values have been canvassed passionately by the celebrant. He always talked about the Isoko house of values that is falling and the compelling need or urgency in ensuring it doesn’t fall, by deliberate efforts of restoring the once stable values for which we, the Isoko people, are famous for. Values such as hardwork, diligence, tenacity, sincerity, self-reliance, self-esteem, dependability, integrity, prudence, modesty, justice, fairness, assertiveness, thrift, aversion for easy money, undying passion for book and relentless pursuit of knowledge and education, loyalty, commitment, among other value systems.

Values are not just principles or body of beliefs, or norms and mores but constitute major determinants of a people’s way of life or culture. For the subject of this piece, the deliberate flouting, collapsed of our value systems are the raison d’être of the social anomy been presently experienced in our nation.

The enchanting life of Professor Samuel Ovuete Aghalino is a lucid illustration for all and sundry that our dear Isoko nation and beloved country Nigeria, have to return to the source credo, the path of old values, old morality and old ideas of industry, and merit in order to embrace our manifest destinies.

A sound and noted historian, Aghalino’s life bespeaks excellence, and exemplary academic, professional, and political achievements, all of these will be celebrated on the occasion of his attaining another age on August 14, 2019.

The excellent performances and extraordinary achievements of historians in both public and private sectors are eloquent testimonies to the fact that history is relevant to development and advancement of our society. History is humanising. In marching forward, and everything good to come then there is urgent need for probing, dispassionate interrogation of our past and most importantly, policy makers need to visit, revisit our history and its significance.

And so, the man of the moment, Professor Samuel Aghalino a profoundly erudite scholar of history, inspiring public speaker, renowned policy maker and development expert, experienced university administrator, and a consummate politician of note is among the few but significant men and women in Nigeria blessed and endowed with innate abilities of conceiving visions, and bringing them to fruition through vigour and rigour. A realist, Aghalino is capable of imaginative solutions to problems and impediments.

A force to be reckoned with in Delta State and Isoko politics, Aghalino a one-time Chairman, Governing Council of College of Education, Warri and a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party is one of the eminent Isoko political leaders whose names, enduring deeds, and exploits can be invoked for inspirations and dreams, and for the present and future generations can strive to be like and replicate their uncommon accomplishments.

Yes, he is a courageous, farsighted, inspiring, and progressive politician, who has been consistent in pushing and advocating for an equitable socio-political system of the Isokonation. In all of his engagements in academic and politics, the Isoko cause remains sacrosanct to him, and he has been advancing the great cause through his seminal writings and politics.

What can one say of this compelling scholar of history whose fame has attained national and global status? Professor Samuel Aghalino is a man with a robust and intimidating profile. He set forth at dawn enroute for Ekpoma, the prestigious Ambrose Alli University, AAU where he displayed excellence, academic diligence and levelheadedness and, bagged a Bachelor of Arts, BA Degree in History.

Aghalino migrated to Kwara State, and nestled at the University of Ilorin, UNILORIN where he acquired a chain of higher degrees Master of Arts (MA) and the ultimate academic laurel Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in social and economic history in quick and rapid succession. For his sheer sparkling academic brilliance and great achievements, dedication and commitment to cerebral ordination, strength of character, and meticulousness Professor Samuel Aghalino is a beacon for students and budding teachers of history! He had mentored many generations of students across the three degree, BA, MA and PhD awarded by the UNILORIN’s Department of History and International Studies which he didn’t only Headed for good Eleven years, but now a professor and longest serving academic staff.

At Ilorin and beyond, Aghalino’s contribution to historical scholarship is unquantifiable. And there is also the fact that he is an excellent Editor. Aghalino is one of the most sought after scholars as editors of learned journals. Aghalino has edited countless books, journals with clinical aplomb. He is the superb editor of Ilorin Journal of History and International Studies, and functions as a member of the editorial committee of the reputed Journal of Historical Society of Nigeria, Alore: Ilorin Journal of Humanities.

An international scholar, Professor Aghalino has attended learned conferences in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. He is a leading member of many academic associations and professional bodies including the Historical Society of Nigeria where he is serving currently as Vice President, and also, he is a Fellow of the highly regarded body.

As a consultant, the intellectually robust Professor Samuel Aghalino has offered peerless service of critical policy recommendations that have turned around many public and private institutions for good. He was external Assessor for Training programme to the Delta State Board of Internal Revenue Service, DSIR.

Whatever Professor Samuel Aghalino has achieved in academic and in politics were enabled by his erudition, his parental background which imbued him with the enduring ideals of hardwork, hope, honesty, integrity, sincerity, fairness, hope, charity, among other cherish virtues of yore. Aghalino personifies the essence of an academic which is humility. For now, let the world celebrate PROFESSOR SAMUEL AGHALINO, at plus one. CONGRATULATIONS, BOSS!!!

Oreh, the media assistant to Prof. Aghalino, wrote from Otor-Igho, in Isoko North LGA, Delta State

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