David Diai

Renowned Rivers born philanthropist and oil industry mogul, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, has urged youths to see themselves as intellectual hubs, think tanks and problem solvers, in whatever field of human endeavour they find themselves, charging them to always imbibe the philosophy that success isn’t success, until an evidence of proof is made manifest in the lives of the occupants of the world’s constituency.

Chief Dumo gave this charge during an interactive meeting with the ambassadors of his foundation, the Dumo Lulu-Briggs Youth Foundation, DYF 23, convened on Wednesday, October 9, in furtherance of his dedicated crusade to fish out more youths to be engaged and mentored into responsible citizens, worthy of actualising their desired goals for purposes of standing their grounds and owning their voices, even in the midst of existential challenges.

Impressing on them, the importance of their pledged position as fishers of men, the Father of the DYF 23 Foundation, reminded the ambassadors that as fishers of men, they must go all out in search of promising youths, having being searched out themselves and benefitted tremendously from the regular mentorship and capacity building programmes for youths, undertaken by the foundation over the years.

While stressing that they must not relent in the hunger for “passion to make positive impacts,” Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, who contested the last Rivers State Governorship election, as the gubernatorial candidate of the Accord, political party, equally enjoined them to always work with the burning desire to leave behind an enduring legacy that will not only stand as testimony and positively attract excellence hungry youths, but would also embrace youths who have been sufficiently motivated by the excellence they see in the ambassadors.

He further admonished them to be think tanks in their various fields of endeavour, as well as problem solvers and pragmatic change agents, consciously discovering areas where youths should be engaged in as platforms not only to propel them towards arriving at their desired destinations, but also to maximise their potentials in such areas of engagement.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs then promised to give listening ears to their issues regularly, attend to those areas of concern and give necessary support especially to identified youths that will avail themselves of every opportunity given until they are able to also own their voices.

“God has mandated me to serve humanity and that service I will pursue to overtake and recover all that there is to it, until mankind itself is assured of achieving her purpose as designed by God,” he pledged.

It will be recalled that Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs has relentlessly pursued the quest of giving lives a true meaning through the “Dumo Youth Foundation (DYF 23)” and other youth empowerment initiatives.

This he has done by practically transforming his foundation, DYF 23, into a platform which youths from all walks of life have availed themselves to become better examples to their peers and in so doing, not only discovered their God given talents, but will eventually stand out and become fruitful to this generation, the society and God willing generations yet unborn.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, as has been testified by many, has become a blessing to many youths and people across all age brackets, to the point that his uncensored philanthropy, human development initiatives, capacity building programmes, as well as his support and empowerment programmes, have continued to attract goodwill and prayers for God to continually bless him so that he will enabled and strengthened to make ordinary men extraordinary and raise youths that will become men, bold enough to correct every wrong narrative both in Rivers State and, by extension, Nigeria.

Reported by Iyene Douglas


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