Delegates of the Ezonebi training centre, on Wednesday, October 16, 2019, protested over the non-payment of their coordinator, Enetimi Evah Ezonebi.

The delegates blocked the southwest road in the early hours of Wednesday, demanding the Presidential Amnesty Office to make payments to their coordinator for jobs completed.

They also appealed to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, National Security Adviser (NSA) and the DSS to call on the Coordinator, Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), Professor Charles Dokubo, to make payments to their coordinator for jobs completed on June 10, 2019.

The delegates who came out in their numbers to express their disapproval over the non-payment of their coordinator for the training programme they all attended in Lagos for a duration of six months, also used the platform of the protest to eulogise their coordinator, Enetimi Evah, who they described as a blessing as well as the centre, which they say changed their lives for the better, adding that the coordinator ensured they were equipped with the right skills and necessary tools they needed to transform their mentality.

They however lamented that they were yet to receive the cash gift they were awarded at the graduation ceremony, which held in Lagos over four months ago, as a result of the non-payment of their coordinator, Mr. Enetimi Evah, by the Amnesty Program office.

They equally bemoaned the fact that they were unable to receive their TIN number, which is outstanding and while stressing that they are protesting in order to collect what is due to them, declared that, if payment was not made quickly, they will go back to the creeks and create unrest in the Niger Delta.

They then requested the DSS to assist in making the payment process effective to avoid them going back to the creeks, even as they vowed to press for the arrest of Professor Dokubo, claiming that he is the one who should be blamed and held responsible for their decision to go to the creeks.

One of the delegates Melakpo Marvelous (leather work) said: “The Amnesty Office used our madam and gave her technical knockout, because Professor Charles Dokubo came for flag off at Ezonebi training centre, he also attended our mid training beach activity at Landmark and is aware of the progress we have made, which makes the way she is being treated bad.

“They used Ezonebi training centre and projected accomplishments to Nigeria in an elaborate graduation ceremony held at the Eko hotel Lagos in June, 2019.

“To us, we see this act as a technical knockout, as she has tried to get her outstanding payment from the office since June, but is yet to receive it and in addition she has been restricted from getting into the office to process her payment. This is merely an act of wickedness from the office to a dedicated contractor,” he said.

Another delegate, Madam Hilter, who was the best delegate in fashion works said: “When I called our coordinator (Enetimi Evah) to redeem my cash gift, she was in tears and asked that I exercised patience as the office had not made payment to her.”

According to some other delegates who were trained in Information Technology, they are yet to be empowered and they are very angry about it. They also confirmed that they had protested earlier at Silverbird Television station Lagos, as regards the instant empowerment allegedly promised by Dokubo.

They further noted that the training centre was more of a rehabilitation facility for them and they were so lucky to have been posted there, as no other training centre was so interested in their growth and overall success.

The coordinator, according to the trainees, was even awarded an excellence award by the Presidential Amnesty Office at their graduation in June,2019. She is a mother to all, they enthused.

“We are requesting the amnesty office to make payments to her within the next two weeks, or we would be forced to go back to the creek to create unrest in the Niger Delta.

“This woman has trained more than 300 delegates in the Niger Delta, to mobilize ourselves and fund any protest is nothing to us, her JOY is our JOY, WE WILL NOT ALLOW HER TO CRY again, if she sheds tears again in respect to the payments, we will fight to the end.

“We urge President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration to take necessary actions in ensuring contractors (Coordinators) are paid as they impact positively to our lives and the Niger Delta”, the protesters declared.

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