By Ruki Edjeren

The need for the people to embrace hygiene and ensure prompt reporting of individuals who manifest early symptoms in their daily existence and interaction with others, have been stressed as the only panacea to avoiding the spread of the various deadly diseases now ravaging various parts of the globe, particularly the Lassa Fever disease.

This clarion call was made by the Senior Special Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Health Monitoring, Dr. Michael Nwoko, when he appeared on the Delta Broadcasting Service Asaba breakfast programme Morning Ride on 13th February, 2020 to answer questions and shed more light on the present Lassa Fever scare in the state and the measures to address and minimize it’s spread amongst the populace.

Dr. Nwoko, who described Lassa Fever as an acute virus disease transmitted through contact with faeces or urine of the multimammate rat (Mastomys Natalensis), further stressed the need for people and communities to keep their surroundings clean, maintain standard good habits like washing their hands always and avoiding dirty habits like picking their noses.

While adding that it is important for the people to be conscious of their environment and report individuals with early symptoms of LASSA FEVER such as elevated body temperature, vomiting, skin rashes etc to the nearest health care facilities, the Delta Governor’s senior aide on Health Monitoring also advised that the bushes around their surroundings should always be cleared.

Dr. Nwoko who has has been sensitizing members of the public on the LASSA FEVER scourge, said he and the entire health monitoring team have held meetings with the Emergency Operation Committee (EOC) of the State Ministry of Health as well as stakeholders in the health sector in the State on strategies to effectively control and reduce the spread of LASSA FEVER to zero level in the state.

He equally informed that early detection is the best way of managing the disease adding that precaution must taken be to avoid being infected with the LASSA FEVER virus and urged that on close observation of neighbors manifesting symptoms, any sign of any ailment around the neighborhood should be promptly reported to the nearest health centre.

Dr. Nwoko then provided contact numbers that members of the public can call to report such cases viz:

The SSA used the opportunity to thank the Governor of Delta State Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa for providing the enabling environment that has made it possible to put the outbreak of LASSA FEVER in the State under control.

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