Mr. Ween Chukusa

With increase in different health challenges facing the world population, the need for a regular health check, education and enlightenment has been stressed to be one of the vital conditions of healthy living.

This position was taken by the members of Ndokwa Association in United Kingdom, NAUK, in a programme tagged, NAUK National Medical Outreach 2020, as they had chosen 3 days in the month of March 2020 to carry out an awareness campaign on the effect and need to take issues blood diabetes serious.

According to the President of Ndokwa Association in United Kingdom, Mr. Ween Chukusa and other Executives, the campaign which will run from Tuesday, 3rd March to Thursday, 5th March, 2020, will hold in the three Local Government Councils of Ndokwa Nation, with three selected communities each.

The programmme according to a release from the NAUK executive, will be used to create awareness, educating people on the condition, carry on assessment of patients, carryout a diagnostic analysis, offering medication based on prescription, developing procedures that supports patients, link patients to clinic for follow-ups.

The organisers further stated that the Awareness Campaign will also focus on sustainable screening, education, management of diabetes and its complications, as they urged the resident to take advantage of the three days exercise, as it’s free.

The campaign is expected to hold for the people in Ndokwa East at Ashaka, Ossisa, and Aboh. For those from Ndokwa West, they are expected to go to Utagba – Uno, Onitch _Ukwuani, and Emu-Uno. And for those in Ukwuani, the team of medical Personnel will be at Umutu, Umuaja, Obiaruku, Umuebu, Ebedei, and Akoku.

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