While the nation is on a complete lock down and asleep, Cross River State works and the governor knows no sleep, so that after the pandemic there will be food in the county, there will be food in the land.

So Cross River State is saving in partnership with Central Bank of Nigeria, in collaboration with Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria, under the support of President Buhari’s Federal Government and decided to provide seedlings for this onset of raining season coming because if we sit back and relax, when the virus is over, when the pandemic is over, we will have difficulty of food and during harvest we are going to have a famine facing us as a nation.

So at my background what you see is a massive production of seedlings under a special program in partnership with Central Bank for supply to Nassarawa, Kogi and of course Ebonyi State, including Cross River State. So this four states come under our first offer. Cross River State alone has 30,000 farmers to supply seedlings to. That’s a whole lot and we’ve got four states.

This was occasioned by the challenges we faced, when the batches were ready for delivery, and then there was a shutdown, a complete lock down. So we had a massive lost of this young biological propagule so we had challenges that we had to cry out to central bank and they came to our rescue, talking with DSS and the appropriate authorities to give us ease of passage across these states.

So I am happy that we are delivering to Kogi effortlessly, delivering to Ebonyi, delivering to Nassarawa without problems at all. But we had a massive lost and central bank is sending in a team to come and do an inspection.

Secondly, we have decided also to use nose masks that are wholly customized by the Cross River garment Factory and we’re ready to buy off nose mask from all tailors in Cross River State.

Whatever quantity of nose mask that have been produced, once there meet our technical specifications in triple layer folds, stitched very properly without pains to the neck or ears and ensuring that it completely air tight so you don’t have penetration or escape of sputum off your sneezing, or droplets.

Then we are ready to buy off from you, that way we’re very sure that we are getting the right quality, that why you most first sell to Cross River garment Factory who will check your quality then distribute for free to the Cross River public.

Our great policy is no mask no movement! Because in Cross River, we don’t have a single case and we’ve already close our borders so I think it wrong to close my citizens in, let them go about their businesses, one thing is protecting life the second which is equally important is protecting livelihood, so when you cut people, they’re some people whose business is a daily income business.

A man who goes to a field site and lift blocks, get money from the daily work and go home to feed his family; if you ask him to sit at home for two weeks without an income, your creating a criminal and your going to see that happen very soon.

So for Cross River State, understanding the science behind the etiology of the virus we know we don’t have a case, there’s no reason to go and fumigate a place where there’s no virus to fumigate against in the first instance, there’s no point keeping people at home when they actually don’t have an infected person around them.

So in the superabundance of caution, we’ve decided you most put a mask for you to be able to get out of your house to go and work. So no mask, no movement. But if you have your mask on, please feel free to go do your business, feel free to go to the market, feel free to relate properly with anybody because indeed the mask does protect, that way we’re protecting lives and livelihood, protecting live without protecting livelihood is a disaster waiting to occur.

We have done an extension of our stay at home for civil servants because statistics and global report says that Africa will be worse hit between now and twenty first of April so we have another two weeks of great caution if we can survive that, then we’ve seeing the end of it. But for now we have to be on an extreme caution that is why I have extended it and if I study the situation and I need to start deescalating I will start deescalating.

At this level we’re intervening at level two levels at the third and final level where it is level one response I will shutdown every place but we’ve zero incident, and our borders are closed there is no internal virus circulating among the populace so it even out of caution that we’re actually insisting on the mask because we don’t know how many people through fugitive entry have found ingress into the town but for now we’re fine and as a professor of science I am policing every place and am leading from the front.

Once Cross River State grows through this, Cross River will start feeding this nation, because while all other states are asleep, Cross River is awake, so that the country will know no famine when Covid19 is over.

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