By Patrick Ochei

The amiable and ebulliently dynamic monarch of Issele-Uku Kingdom, HRM Agbogidi Obi Nduka has blessed the corps members who produced the hand sanitizers and face masks that the NYSC donated to Issele-Uku Royal Palace, declaring that God and his ancestors would replenish the sources from where they mobilized resources to execute the project.

He made this royal pronouncements when the corps members and the NYSC officials visited to present the Royal Father with self produced preventive health products to fight the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Agbogidi Nduka affirmed that he was impressed with the initiative taken by the NYSC to produce the hand sanitizers and face masks to support their host community in the fight against Covid-19.

According to the first class king, “I am impressed with the initiative the NYSC had taken, not only to test the skills and capabilities of the corps members, but to produce a WHO’s standard hand sanitizers and face masks at this critical moment of our history is worth commending.

“The Covid-19 has driven fear into us because we are humans. This is the best time to be innovative. And I am glad that the NYSC has taken this initiative; so that as we pray, we will also have these protective materials to rely on as we fight this pandemic.

“Nobody can be too careful but we must adhere to precautions. Though in our country Nigeria, it is difficult to tell people to stay indoors; however, once in a while they can still come out to transact their businesses. We don’t have any other choice but to obey the stay at home order, because we all want to see this Covid-19 pass as soon as possible.

“I hope the government and other good spirited individuals find this innovative project of the NYSC people oriented and valuable to provide necessary supports. For us here, we will continue to pray for the Scheme, that God should through the youths and their administrators savage our country and make it stand out for positive international reckoning. And so I pray that God and our ancestors bless you all and those who had contributed to making these productions possible”, Obi Nduka prayed.

Meanwhile, the State Coordinator of NYSC, Mrs. Olutayo Samuel, who was enthused at the royal blessings, appreciated the Traditional Ruler for not only being the NYSC host, but for being a loving and caring father to corps members and the officials alike.

She said as deeply emotional and optimistic as the Director General of NYSC, Brig. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim could be to see this pandemic disappear from our Nigerian land, he had to motivate and steer up the corps members to use this medium to contribute their quotas to their father land in support of the fight against Covid-19.

“Based on this high premium placed in the capacity of our present day corps members, we had to mobilize a few of them who had gone through our Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development, SAED programme and still in town, to return to Camp to commence the production of these hand sanitizers and face masks.

“We thought it wise as they said, ‘charity begins at home’ to bring some quantities of our products for you and your palace’s use. The products are perfectly made to WHO’s specification.

“And so we appreciate you for your fatherly disposition to us and more especially the corps members. We pray that your kingdom will continue to witness tremendous progress and peace. From all indications Your Majesty, you are not only showing meticulous leadership in this domain, but the aura of your presence is inspiring. May God bless and keep you for us Your Majesty. Isi Eze Isei N’Enu”, she concluded.

…Obi Anyasi Challenges Corps Members To Be Proactive In Project Nigeria, Receives Hand Sanitizers, Face Masks Donated by NYSC to Idumuje-Unor Palace

In a related development, the highly intelligent and Godly Traditional Ruler of Idumuje Kingdom, HRM Obi Charles Anyasi 111 has challenged corps members serving in Delta State to become proactive to the Nigerian project, adding that they should help the country come out of the woods of leadership and economic woes.

He gave this admonition when corps members and the officials of NYSC paid him a visit to present him with hand sanitizers and face masks made by the corps members to support the community in its drive to adhere to precautionary measures as directed by government and health officials in the fight against Covid-19.

Obi Anyasi who was flanked by his amiable wife, Queen Esther, maintained that he was honoured to be visited by members of the Scheme to help savage his kingdom from the fear of Coronavirus pandemic.

The founder of an internationally recognised NGO – the Universal Blood Donors (Uniblood Foundation), said the outbreak of the dreaded pandemic had provided the opportunity for the youths to become proactive.

He therefore, urged the corps members to carve a niche for themselves by utilizing their talents and being creative to fill economically beneficial vacuums at this time.

The people’s delight monarch again, assured the corps members that their sacrifice would gain attention from the public if they passionately and consistently continue to drive development agenda for the nation.

He added, “We are not enjoying the stay at home order but it is compelling on us to obey.

“I appreciate you for this goodwill donation. God bless you dearly and crown your effort with more progressive innovations”, Obi Anyasi prayed.

The awesome king who had authored several books, in turn donated two books – Anioma: Resolving The Identity Crisis and another talking about the Enuani speaking people of Anioma to the State Coordinator of NYSC, Mrs. Olutayo Samuel.

Again, he donated tubers of yam, drinks and water to the NYSC delegation as part of his token of love for the enormous contributions of the Scheme to nationhood and nation building.

Appreciating the monarch of Idumuje Kingdom for his fatherly love to the Scheme, the State Coordinator, Mrs. Olutayo Samuel said she was amazed at the candour, conduct and charisma of the Royal Father, who had become a pillar of support to them.

She recalled that on her assumption of office, Obi Anyasi was the first to call to welcome her to Delta, adding that since then, he had followed up on all the activities of the Scheme.

“We had planned to visit before the lockdown began. But thank God we are here today nonetheless.

“We came to associate with you and to give you our own little support in your drive to overcome Covid-19. We thank you for your effort so far in enforcing preventive compliance in Idumuje-Unor community. We love you and recognize you as our eminent Royal Father”, Samuel affirmed.

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