Gov. Wike

Those who sing Federal Might in the irresponsible struggle to compromise the health security system of Rivers State, easily forget that this has been the music of the APC since they took over the Federal Government.

For Rivers State, the only project this present APC Federal Government has is a truckload of threats, victimisation, promotion of insecurity and unending attempts to rig elections.

Five years down the line, there is not a single FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PROJECT initiated and executed by this failed APC Federal Government. Year after year, this unproductive administration has formed the habit of one mischief after another.

During the 2019 General Elections, the APC Federal Government used the Nigerian Army and F-SARs to unleash mayhem, deaths and deadly bloodshed in their quest to rig Governor Wike out of a deserved second term.

It got to the ugliest point when the Nigerian Army attempted to invade INEC Collation Centre in Port Harcourt in a last ditch effort to abduct the INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner and compel him to write results in favour of their preferred candidate. They were defeated before Television cameras.

Even when the matter got to the Tribunal, the APC Federal Government urged the former Rivers State Police Commissioner to write a negative security report to activate the relocation of Rivers State Tribunal to Abuja. When the commissioner refused he was transferred.

The compulsion to plot mischief against Rivers State since 2015 by the APC Federal Government should embarrass any reasonable person. Has anyone ever heard the APC Federal Government arguing about executing a project in Rivers State? Has anyone heard them promoting any positive issue in Rivers State?

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke, the APC Federal Government has never done anything to check the spread of coronavirus within Rivers State. All the Federal Agencies have done is to generate controversy with a view to weakening the health defence system.

Working with private corporate organizations, they have tried to compromise the health of Rivers people in total disregard for established health protocols. First it was Carveton Helicopters and now it is Exxon Mobil.

Exxon Mobil with no oil drilling operations in Rivers State claims they had the permit of the masters of EXCLUSIVE LIST to move 22 Staff into Rivers State. When they were stopped to observe the mandatory 14days quarantine, all hell was let loose. Writing under the compromised MOBIL Pengassan, they said because they were on essential duties, they had the right to enter Rivers State unchecked and without test for coronavirus.

They forgot that the Air Peace Personnel were on essential duties for the Federal Republic when they were apprehended and quarantined by the Lagos State Government.

They have forgotten that several states including the Federal Capital Territory have arrested and prosecuted hundreds of Nigerians for contravening different aspects of their lockdown regulations to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

One wonders the reason for the desperation to import unscreened persons into Rivers State. It is even worsened when operators of EXCLUSIVE LIST issue threats to Rivers Service Commanders, directing them to work against the interest of the State.

As everyone expected, they have started to exercise their ugly power. They have redeployed the Commissioner of Police, Rivers State, Mustapha Dandaura with immediate effect. The reason for the redeployment is obvious. They want to manipulate the security process .

This latest redeployment is part of the APC Federal Government’s style since 2015. It is part of a perpetual struggle to undo Rivers State. They have continued to fail because Rivers people are vigilant.

On Friday, Governor Wike outlined their evil plot: “Some people want the escalation of the virus in Rivers State. People were paid to canvass a negative narrative on Carveton Pilots.We are doing what we can within available resources to fight coronavirus. You can fly , but as you fly and land, don’t enter our territory. ”

“We will fight this matter legally. Exxon Mobil does not operate in Rivers State. That they have a point at the Onne seaport does not mean that they operate in Rivers State. People in Abuja are not happy. They want Rivers State to be infected. They want to kill Rivers people and I will not allow it. I was elected to protect Rivers people. Rivers State is not a pariah State.

“The right must be done. We are talking about something that is killing people. They want coronavirus to escalate in Rivers State. The law must be tested. Make sacrifice and let us contain the virus. Nobody will use Rivers State as a toy. This Federal Government does not like us, but a government will come that likes Rivers State. ”

Should Rivers State let down her guard on the premise of essential services? Are they expecting the State to watch sheepishly while they move all manner of people around in the name of essential services? Why are all these so-called personnel on essential duties refusing to respect the Basic Health Protocols that are observed in Lagos?

There is another angle to this onslaught on Rivers State. The APC Federal Government and different classes of trade unions now issue similar press statements. Before their new found love relationship, they were like cat and dog. PENGASSAN is suddenly embarking on media campaigns on behalf of the Federal Government. The goal is simple: give a dog a bad. You know the rest.

Even though Exxon Mobil has no operational base in Rivers State, it is pertinent to make clear-headed suggestions to the arrogant operators of EXCLUSIVE LIST.

As operators of EXCLUSIVE LIST, you are in desperate love for money to the detriment of Rivers people. Since you love money, why don’t you arrange for workers at the rig to remain there, while you follow due process of collaboration with Rivers Health Authorities to ascertain the coronavirus status of fresh personnel heading to the rig as replacement. This is standard practice and it will cater for all interests.

This is a time for confidence building. If the operators of EXCLUSIVE LIST can joyfully collaborate with Lagos State Government for the deployment of staff on essential duties, why the under-the-table actions in Rivers State? Why the repeated plots to destroy established health systems using oil workers as the weapon of destruction?

Meanwhile, Governor Wike has continued to build the health security system of Rivers State to consolidate on the gains made by the state.

On Saturday, he locked down parts of Port Harcourt City Local Government Area to enforce the social distancing. The decisions are tough, but they are vital for health and protection of Rivers people.

Like when Rivers people defeated the AA C/APC/Nigerian Army/FSARS Alliance in 2019, these anti-Rivers elements are working with some persons from the state. Through the backdoor, they have started issuing statements to support the mischievous plots to infect their kith and kin.
Rivers Leadership Advancement Foundation (RIVLEAF) and Amaechi Vanguard have since supported the invasion of Rivers State by agents of coronavirus. What do you expect from supermarket politicians. They are only relevant when it becomes necessary to compromise the health, development and security of Rivers State. Outside treachery, they are never regarded by the hierarchy of their party.

The embarrassing response by the operators of EXCLUSIVE LIST is a confirmation of the total disregard for human lives. It is to say the least, a show of shame.

Simeon Nwakaudu is the Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor, Electronic Media.

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