This morning, I was shocked at the indiscretion of Rhythm FM when they invited a politician who habitually hates the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike to come to its studio to defend the laxity of the Federal Government to intervene in Rivers State.

It was unprofessional for Segun Owolabi to bring an AMAECHI’S lackey to defend the exclusion of Rivers State by the Federal Government in the fight against coronavirus.

Make no mistake about it, the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH), Prof. Henry Ugboma, was a major APC Campaign Leader during the last election and was appointed CMD on the nomination of AMAECHI.

That he was appointed CMD of UPTH does not clear his name as a vicious politician who used the Nigerian Army and FSARS to attack ONELGA people in a bid to steal the votes of the PDP during the last general election. This man lacks credibility and lacks the capacity to discuss the safety of Rivers people. Don’t be deceived by the political position he occupies.

All through the 2019 General Elections, Henry Ugboma campaigned vigorously for the election of the AAC/APC/NIGERIA ARMY/FSARS candidate and said over his dead body would Governor Wike be re-elected. Nobody expects the man to be truthful when it concerns Governor Wike and Rivers State.

See these links of his campaign activities:

Prince Albert of Monaco recovers from coronavirus

PDP members defect to APC in Rivers

I don’t want to sound harsh, but Prof Henry Ugboma disgraced himself by insulting his professional colleagues who are managing infected people at the State Treatment Centre. This is unfortunate and a show of shame by a professor who runs with ballot boxes to rig out Governor Wike. Ugboma should realise that the treatment of coronavirus patients is not the snatching of ballot boxes or the concoction of results with the help of security personnel.

It is IRRESPONSIBLE and unfortunate that Ugboma said that if he had been involved, the two persons who have died wouldn’t have died. But in Lagos many persons have died and the CMD of LUTH did not go on Radio to blame the Lagos State Governor. Some persons died in Edo State and the CMD UBTH did not go to any Radio Station to blame the Edo State Government. The IRRESPONSIBLE appearance of Prof Henry Ugboma to talk TRASH on Radio vindicates Governor Wike who warned against the politicization of the fight against coronavirus.

If Governor Wike was an APC Governor, would this IRRESPONSIBLE CMD of UPTH go to any Radio station to defend his party or the non-performing Federal Government?

It is imperative to point out the childish talk of the political CMD of UPTH. He said he can talk to Governor Wike because he is not his appointee, while the Rivers State Health Commissioner , a professor of medicine, cannot advise Governor Wike . But the NCDC, the apex body managing coronavirus thinks differently about Governor Wike.

The Director General of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) ,Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu captures the outstanding leadership role of Governor Wike in the fight against coronavirus. He spoke during a meeting with officials of Rivers State Government.

“This is a working visit. I want to thank you for your firm, strong, committed and personally led response to COVID-19 in Rivers State. Rivers is one of the most important gate-ways into the country. One of the most important economies in the country . So, Rivers is important , not only to you but to the entire country. We are happy with the way you managed you first two cases

“We thank you very much for your leadership and we need your leadership to continue in order for us to continue doing our work nationally.

“I want to really congratulate you on how the two cases in Rivers State have been managed. I understand the second case was discharged yesterday . Excellent work is being done in Rivers and really an example for the rest of the country.”

It is because people deliberately ignore the truth that Henry Ugboma was able to come to the studio to lie. Several cases were referred to the UPTH by private hospitals and they declared their inability to act. From media reports, one of those cases came from Pamo Clinics and Hospitals. UPTH referred these patients to the Rivers State Ministry of Health.

Prof. Henry Ugbomah

But Ugboma who was on PR mission for the Federal Government has refused to say what he has been doing with all the consumables donated by Nimasa and other agencies, if he is not working to treat people.

The worst IRRESPONSIBLE act of Henry Ugboma on Radio this morning was the reckless allegation that the Rivers State Government is now using coronavirus as a weapon. This allegation brought to the fore why UPTH has degenerated since this politician and ballot box snatcher came on board. A man who talks as if he is under the influence of illicit substances should not head a medical institution.

Rather than become an armchair critic, Ugboma should use the funding available to him and the donations by Federal Agencies to set up a treatment Centre. He is a man of courage who talks anyhow. Therefore, he should instruct the Minister of Health to close the gap for his federal institution. I am not even asking him to talk to the President.

Anyone who listens to Radio knows what the people of Rivers State think of UPTH. That’s not what I will discuss here. Suffice it to say that Ugboma, the ballot box snatcher, has ruined that facility.

Even the worst enemy of Rivers State acknowledges that Governor Wike has performed creditably to tackle coronavirus. The methods transcend medical. It involves creation of awareness, enforcing social distancing, closing the borders, setting up the legal system and reaching out to the people with Palliatives.

Ugboma is only struggling to get money from the Rivers State Government. He is bringing nothing to table. He has not even written to the Minister of Health to intervene and certainly has not said anything to the President.

At the end of his appearance, he would send a recorded copy to his benefactor on how he lied against Wike. This will be taken upstairs. He retains his job and awaits another ballot box snatching opportunity.

The appearance of Ugboma was nauseating. Alongside the station, they arranged APC callers to drive home their defence of the failure of the Federal Government to invest in the fight of coronavirus in Rivers State.

If Ugboma had put on his thinking cap, he would have realized that Governor Wike was making a case for him and other Federal Institutions in the state. If the Federal Government decides to set up a treatment centre in the state, UPTH would certainly be involved.

He even wants Governor Wike to take up the payment of statutory allowances of UPTH staff. Why go to the radio unprepared?

Ugboma, the professor of medicine, turned ballot box snatcher, should realise that this is a period to fight coronavirus and not a time to defend the indefensible in the name of politics.
Let him take the advise of Governor Wike when he received the RT-PCR Machine from Dr Peter Odili at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital.

“This is not a time to criticize. This is not a time to give reasons, but a time to support.

“This should be a collective effort to curtail the spread of this pandemic,” he said.

Simeon Nwakaudu, is the Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor on Electronic Media

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