Gov. Diri

Bayelsa State Governor, Senator Douye Diri has extended the stay-at-home directive to all citizens across the state, following the expiration of the initial order.

Governor Diri, who gave this new directive in a statement posted on his verified social media handles, also adopted the Federal Government imposed curfew from 8pm – 6am and the compulsory wearing of facemasks by everyone, especially in public places.

Below is the Governor’s statement.

A week ago I gave an order for all those who are not on essential duty to stay at home for one week. That decision became inevitable after the index case of COVID-19 in our state.

Following the expiration of the one week, and with four new cases, it has also become imperative to extend the duration of the stay at home order by another one week begining from today.

This decision as hard and biting as it is, is for our own good and it will enable us to further contain the spread of the deadly pandemic.

As a state, we have also decided to adopt the directive on the presidential curfew (8pm and 6am) for two weeks, commencing today.

Also, in accordance with the presidential directive, wearing of Face Mask in public is now compulsory and violators risk prosecution. In line with this, we will massively produce and distribute face masks to residents in the state.

In the same vein, the interstate lockdown order as announced by the President last week is also being fully implemented.

Let me add that the previous ban on social gatherings, the order on the number of worshippers in churches and mosques as well as the operations of markets are equally still in force.

I know things are not easy with you. As a Government, we are doing our best to ensure your security and welfare which has been our core mandate amd focus and with your support, we will overcome.

Please be assured that I am aware of your concerns raised so far in this fight. I read your comments online, I hear your stories, I read about and also see first hand your fears, worries and SUGGESTIONS. I appreciate all of you for your feedback. Indeed, It goes a long way to inform our decisions so please keep them coming.

All of the measures we had, have and are still putting in place are informed by our knowledge about the common enemy we’re fighting. So I appeal to everyone to please cooperate with us so that we collectively win this fight for a #GreaterBayelsa

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