Felix Obuah: A QUINTESSENTIAL LEADER, A SALIENT AND GODLY POLITICIAN (A Trip Down Memory Lane) – By Marvelous Chukwuladi Okoro

Bro. Felix Obuah

Let me first borrow from the words of a Political analyst from the Igburu extraction in ONELGA, Dr. Barr. Lucky Nwaoburu who, after much quantitative reasoning, classified Bro. Felix Obuah as the Highest Employer of Labour in the ORASHI region.

This classification by Dr. Barr. Lucky was born out of the Philanthropic and contributive nature of Bro. Obuah to his Environment and the Local Government Area retrospecting to his Achievements prior to this time as Local Government Area Chairman and other Positions occupied in Past and Present times.

As a Business tycoon and one with Good business ideals, Bro. Obuah is a successful Business Administrator and Mogul who conceived the ideal that siting a School and Hotel will attract tourist to his Local Government Area. As one who believes in promoting his LGA, Bro. Obuah named his School, The Ogba Comprehensive High school which has Mass produced Learned Students even till date. Bro Obuah is also the Director, Krisdera Hotels and resort, ONELGA. This acts by Bro Obuah have created massive employment for the good people of ONELGA and beyond.

Bro. Obuah as a Salient Politician have played key roles which has given the ORASHI Region a facelift in the politicking of ONELGA, Rivers State and Nigeria Respectively. Following the relevant roles played by Dr. Peter Odili, etc. Bro. Obuah has been able to scale through and made everyone proud.

Far back 2003-2005/2006 while Bro. Obuah served as Local Government Area Chairman of ONELGA, ONELGA felt his impact as Council Chairman in terms of project delivery and people’s welfarism. His gigantic projects speaks volumes even in the present day.

Bro. Felix Obuah (l) with Marvelous Chukwuladi Okoro

In the Year 2013/2014 when Bro. Obuah emerged gloriously as Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Rivers State, Bro. Obuah coordinated perfectly, the affairs of the Party. He ensured equity remains the order of the day. In 2020, Bro. Obuah conducted the state, LGA and ward elections without any course for remorse. The electoral process was free and fair.

Bro. Obuah’s steadfastness and commitment to work made the Executive Governor of Rivers State Chief Barr. Nyesom Wike recommended Bro. Obuah to serve as the Sole Administrator, Rivers State Waste Management Agency (RIWAMA). This recommendation was born out of the Loyalty and diligence to serve her State as portrayed By Bro. Obuah.

As the Years goes by, Bro. Obuah has been nominated for several Humanitarian service Awards for his selfless services rendered from both Christian and Social Organizations inorder to encourage Obuah to continue in his good ways which is pleasing to God Almighty and to Mankind as well.

Not forgetting Christ as his bedrock and foundation, Bro. Obuah has built religious sanctuaries for the worship of God and propagation of God’s word. Rendered assistance and donations countless times to the house of God.

Narrowing down to the politicking of ONELGA because charity they say begins at Home, Bro. Obuah stands tall as a role model to so many, ranging from the Elderly, Youths and other political Bigwigs in the Local Government Area and State in general. The achievements of Bro. Obuah are glaring and appreciated by Everyone.

Bro. Felix Obuah in safety mode, masked up in compliance with mandated precautionary directives to curtail and contain the spread of Covid-19 in Rivers State.

Currently, the Nation is experiencing and dealing with the Corona Virus Pandemic, Bro. Obuah single-handedly donated food items to the Less Privileged Ones in the city of Port Harcourt, some stakeholders of the People’s Democratic Party, Members of Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) and not forgetting his Home town, Omoku, Headquarters of the Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area all in Rivers State.

It is a norm and practice and in the nature of Bro. Obuah to assist the poor and create opportunities for everyone to excel and become better representatives in the Society. The generosity of Bro. Obuah has kept him going coupled with the Goodwill messages and prayers said on his behalf by the beneficiaries of his kind gesture.

In summary, As a people, we owe Bro. Obuah prayers for God to Grant him long life. Over the Years, there has been criticism on the path of Bro. Obuah, but as a firm believer and godly Man, Bro. Obuah is able to scale through and come out victorious.

If a tree yields fruits in it’s season, people are meant to throw stones at it, but if it doesn’t, there will be abuse and criticism. No one throws stones at a tree which yields no fruit. – Marvelous Chukwuladi Okoro

Bro. Felix Obuah

His Simplicity as a Leader, he prefers to be addressed as “Bro” amidst other tittles that may Follow suit. May God guild and preserve you, Amen.

Marvelous Chukwuladi Okoro, an indigene of Omoku in ONELGA and a Media and Public Relations Expert, contributed this article from Port Harcourt.

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

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