Bro. Felix Obuah

As Rivers people congratulate and celebrate a true believer of Rivers Project and a man that epitomizes Rivers dream.
An inspirational and exemplary leader, democrat, champion of State unity and development, *Bro*. *Felix* *Obuah* aka *Go Round*, who meritoriously served and successfully handed over yesterday after his second term as the People’s Democratic Party PDP State Chairman in the light of NEW Rivers State.

I join Rivers people to congratulate and celebrate a man who came, saw and conquered.

I celebrate a man who came to lead PDP at a very challenging period, when there was a declining if not complete absence of leadership in PDP and built the party to what it is today, a winning party any time, any day.

I’m Happy, Bro. Felix Obuah aka Go Round Is Not Only Handing Over A Winning Party But A Pan Rivers Party.

Today, Obuah has improved the fortunes of PDP by over 50% from what he met.
He is handing over a party that over 80% of Rivers people and residents have embraced because of his leadership style.

His humility, generosity, discipline, Democratic culture and diplomacy were his greatest weapons. These traits won him millions of followers and friends.

Throughout his two terms, whenever election meets Obuah, the answer has been 💯% success.
A record no one has achieved, and a record I wish to see once again in my lifetime.

*Bro. Felix Obuah Is The Greatest Of All Time*

Sir, you served excellently and made an indelible mark in the political history of Rivers State

I commend you for handing over a party that has the capacity to win election any time any day.

Your contributions and landmark achievements to PDP are laudable, historic with indelible imprints.

You are no doubt a great asset to Rivers State.

Today, Rivers people are proud of you because you served meritoriously and won excellently.

I join them to wish you greater roles.

Today, Rivers people including the opposition political parties are happy with *Go Round*, an administrator, philanthropist, a visionary, transformative and developmental leader and patriot, whose exceptional political career and service has inspired millions.

A great leader who within a short time of his tenure won the confidence of the people.

No wonder *His Excellency*, *Governor Wike CON* following, Chf. Amb. Desmond Akawor’s acceptance speech on behalf of the new Executive at the PDP State Congress said to the new Chairman

“You have a daunting task of improving on the standard your predecessor, Felix Obuah has set. You must not allow the standard to drop.
In 2015, against all heavy odds we had to face, we asked ourselves who could stir the affairs of the party without failure and we won’t be disappointed.
Today, everybody can attest to the fact that Obuah delivered outstandingly well.

Loyalty is not by mouth, appearing or seeing the Governor regularly, not when you do eye service before people you call leaders. It is about your conduct, the results you post and those things you do at the back of the people you call leaders.

If the rules permit the third tenure, I would have done all I can to let Obuah have another term. It is going to be difficult to replace someone like him.
Go Round as party chairman has been loyal to a fault, no betrayal, no sabotage even when he had reasons to, he stood still” ~ *Gov. Wike CON*

Again at the inauguration/ swearing in, *Gov. Wike* said in a charge to the new executives ” work towards consolidating the games of the immediate past Executive led by Bro Felix Obuah”.

The Governor commended the immediate past Rivers State PDP, Bro. Felix Obuah for leading the party to victory.

He said ” We had challenges at the beginning, but Executive was committed to service.
Obuah has shown capacity to deliver.
It will not be easy for the new Executives, but the new Executive must start working to prepare the party for the challenges ahead.
Work hard to surpass the records of the past Executive”. Those are words of His Excellency.

It will be impossible to achieve the record set by Bro. Felix Obuah in the politics of today in Rivers State, never.

He provided purposeful leadership. He stepped in and provided solid, dependable, loyal and effective leadership.

I commend you for your courage to weather the storm in a difficult political terrain like Rivers.
I laud your courage, patriotism, commitment, steadfastness and loyalty to PDP.

As State Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Bro. Felix Obuah built bridges of love, discipline and unity across the land.

Your incredible large heart, political astuteness and uncommon leadership quality has made you a legend.

But for COVID-19, even though you dislike public show of achievements, millions of your associates would have rolled out drums to celebrate your uncommon leadership quality and achievements as you successfully handed over.

We will by God’s grace still celebrate you and your achievements and many more.

Looking at the position of PDP today in the State, it will not be am exaggeration to describe Bro. Felix Obuah aka Go Round as a political colossus with distinguished record of service, loyalty and love for our dear State.

The success you achieved as PDP boss is a proof that you are an astute manager of people, material and political party.

Today, we celebrate a man who defended democracy in the State against the undemocratic plan and actions of the Federal Government to capture the State in 2015 and 2019.

Bro. Felix Obuah with his mobilization prowess and organizational ability delivered PDP in the 2015 and 2019 general elections 💯% back to back against the Federal might.

His foresight and strategic political plan always paid off during time of challenges.
He made PDP survived all the war waged against it by the APC led Federal Government.

When the political history of 2015 and 2019 is written, much space will be given to this master strategist, foremost philanthropist and man of the people.

Go Round served and delivered PDP to the satisfaction of all.

No Chairman in the past or present has achieved the success PDP achieved under Bro. Felix Obuah.
His devotion and commitment to the development of PDP is laudable and worthy of emulation.

Go Round built PDP as a political party and upheld and defended the principles and practices of democracy, respect for rule of law, unity in diversity, inclusiveness etc. He redefined how politics should be played without resort to violence and thuggery as exemplified in the recent PDP Ward to State Congresses, making Obuah an enviable model the State politics.

Truly, Bro. Felix Obuah aka Go Round has bequeathed democratic culture and internal democracy in PDP.

We have a cause to celebrate his democratic credential, uncommon leadership quality and achievements.

Rarely do we come across leaders like Go Round.

Sir, Rivers people salute your forthrightness, courage and diligence in providing purposeful leadership for PDP especially, taking the path of wisdom in solving disputes through dialogue and managing the party as one family without faction.

Without dispute, Bro. Felix Obuah is very critical to future political permutations in Rivers State.

He has become the main issue in Rivers politics as many expects him to play greater role.

As Obuah hands over to Amb. Desmond Akawor, the astute politician will be in front burner.

He remains the most popular and outstanding politician with the largest following today.
Anyone in doubt should conduct an opinion poll to prove me wrong.

He is seen as a precious gift and great asset to Rivers State, bridge builder, a rallying point and leader with great capacity.

My greatest desire, and one that I hope to see again in my lifetime is to see PDP achieve the record set by Bro. Felix Obuah.

Sir, I urge you to continue offering your wealth of experience to the State, PDP leadership at all levels, particularly as Nigeria continue to march towards consolidating democracy.

This generation is highly blessed to have your personality as mentor.

*Truly, Bro. Felix Obuah is the greatest of all time*

I pray for you Sir, that as your days, so shall your strength, wisdom and favour be with God, in Jesus Name.

Miller Ogwu is Special Adviser to Bro. Felix Obuah

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