“Our Visit To CRS Has Exposed reasons behind COVID19 Free status”. – Dr Olowu, Team Leader

The 7 man scope team sent from the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) to cross river state to ascertain what the state has been doing right that has kept them free of Covid-19, has strongly commended the cross river state government under the proactive leadership of Sen Prof Ben Ayade and the Dr Betta Edu Chairman of the Covid-19 response in the state for their exceptional response to the COVID-19 pandemic which has yielded results thereby keeping the State and it’s citizens free and safe from the outbreak that is today ravaging the whole world.

Dr Olowu who led a seven man team comprising of representatives from Federal ministry of health, NCDC, NPHCDA, and other health pillars poured encomiums on the Action Digital Governor for having the foresight and political will to take strategic drastic actions, even when most countries and States were living in denial of the existence of the Corona virus.

“I think the catch is that they started early, set up Emergency operation room, started sensitization, shut their borders early, started the no mask no movement, produced over 1.5 million face mask for their citizens at garment factory, produce PPEs, set up three standard isolation centers, provided over 50 vehicles for enforcement, trained 400 health workers and surveillance officers… the list is endless! Cross River has done well!

“Nigerians have been asking questions as to why Cross River State is still free of Covid-19, even at the National level we became worried that the state might just be doing nothing and thereby forming a reservoir of the virus. This made the minister of Health and the PTF to send a scope team to validate what is going on in Cross River state.

“In all honesty we are highly impressed! we have seen for ourselves the hard work behind your State being free of this virus. We go back not only with the message but also with the knowledge acquired here.

“There is a lot to learn from Cross River State, we are proud of the Governor Sen. Ayade, the Commissioner for Health Dr Betta Edu who is Chairman of Taskforce and the entire team for the exceptional work done here, we never knew most of these things in Abuja.

“I can’t believe I didn’t see one person without a face mask from the airport, through the town, to this office; I guess this is one of the things that explains the results in Cross River State.

“I say congratulations to the people of Cross River state. We have plenty of positive stories to tell the President and Health Minister and even the Federal Government,” Dr. Olowu enthused.

The team applauded the Health Commissioner Dr Betta Edu for her proactive nature and commitment, stating that even at the National level, she has been recognized as one of those Health Commissioners who have been up and doing.

“Truly the State is not hiding anything and have so far been effective in sending samples for testing within their limits as well as proper contact tracing.

“However there’s the need to do more which will be possible when the state has its own testing center etc. The Federal Government will help Cross River State as soon as possible, the team leader pledged.

In appreciation, the Commissioner for Health, Dr. Betta Edu, on behalf of the Cross River State Governor, welcomed and thanked the 7 man scope team from the Federal Government and the NCDC, for coming to Cross Rivers State, stating clearly that the State is Covid-19 free.

“We thank God that you and your team have seen for yourselves the level of preparedness and preventive measures the CRSG has put so far, which is why we are where we are today.

“Its not magic, neither are we hiding anything as Covid-19 which is like pregnancy cannot be hidden. Sen Ben Ayade has done a lot to keep his citizens safe, our isolation centers are of standard, the State has a formidable taskforce that is ensuring the facemask policy, the EOC still meets weekly, our borders were closed as soon as COVID19 entered the Country, training of 400 health workers which is on going, the support from UCTH and so many measures that time won’t allow me mention,” she said.

The CRSG therefore solicited to the Federal Government to patronize the garment factory, set up a test center, help them man their borders, support them financially to enable them fill up the gaps that are yet to be filled and to continue to sustain the efforts that has so far been put by the State Government.

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