– A Youth President / Leader
– A Councillorship And House of Reps Aspirant.
– A Local Government Area Chairman
– A Business Administrator, Educationist and a Traditionalist
– A football enthusiast
– A Leader and above all,
– A True believer of Christ.

Bro. Felix Obuah

The Man Felix Obuah needs no much introduction. The name Felix Obuah sends a strong signal and will remain on the Lips of almost everyone in Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area, Rivers State and Nigeria Respectively. Felix Obuah as a Young Growing Man struggled to become successful as he is today. He was not steady, i.e Moving from one settlement to the other just to make ends meet, as a result of his unstable nature in order to make Life luxurious for him and as well as his family members, Felix Obuah who is never know to be a lazy fellow continued to reach for the Stars and today a figure and a school of though with so many students in his institution and others graduated with good grades.

The Man Felix Obuah has been a model and a friend to all. His success story speaks volume and indeed one to learn from. Felix Obuah, born into the royal Dynasty of Umu-Ohali, Omoku will always continue to be a guild and a reference Point to aspiring Politicians, Political Leaders, Business Administrators, etc. Felix Obuah is a Man of Many Sides (Miller O. 2020)


Felix Obuah was appointed a Youth of the Great Nigerian People’s Party (GNPP) far back 1985 which gave rise and birth to his political Ambition and quest to Lead the Society as a Young and fast growing Politician. Felix Obuah in same spirit of True Leadership contested as a Councilor in 1987 under the Zero Party and a Member of the Federal House of Representatives in 1997 under the then Grass Roots Democratic Movement (GDM). Over time, Felix Obuah is known to be one who is ready to lead any day any time. His commitment also elevated Him to lead the Omoku Youths Association as Pioneer President from 1993-1994. As a Youth President, Felix Obuah was able to give everyone a sense of Belonging, how He was able to hold and coordinate all Youth activities is yet to be figured out. Felix Obuah remains a man who is called to serve under Divine direction and Call.

On the 27th Day of March, 2004 under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Felix Obuah was democratically elected to Serve as Executive Chairman of the Oil rich Local Government Area in Rivers State and one of the Oil Hubs in Nigeria, the almighty Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area. How Felix Obuah was also able to make job opportunities become a norm in the Local Government Area remains a mystery. Project Delivery became a culture even till date speaks volume.

As a Local Government Chairman of ONELGA, Felix Obuah never misappropriated funds meant for the Masses, Felix Obuah stood grounds to ensure and oversee all given contracts and projects were carried out accordingly. Felix Obuah remains an icon since the creation of Ogba Egbema Ndoni as a Local Government Area of it’s own. Felix Obuah touched Many lives and opened doors of opportunities to others cutting across tribal and religious boundaries. Felix Obuah as a Local Government Area Chairman also served as the Vice Chairman of all Local Government Area Chairmen (ALGON) in Rivers State during his rein as Council Chairman.

As a Business Administrator, Educationist and Traditionalist. Felix Obuah is the Executive Director of the Krisdera Hotels and resort in Omoku having so many Annex in the Local Government Area, Chief Executive Director FEZINAT Service Company limited and Chief Executive Officer Trace Guard Security Company limited among others. So far, Felix Obuah is the highest employer of Labour in the entire ONELGA and ORASHI Region, Respectively…

Felix Obuah started his formal education at the then Practicing School in Awka and later proceeded to the Central State school and sancta Maria High school Omoku. As funds became Meager, Felix Obuah was unable to further his education. He struggled and passed through hardship which later paid off and Years later became a Graduate and holds the Nigeria Certificate in Education, Federal College of Education Omoku where he is the National President of the Erstwhile Students Association till date and holds a Degree of Bachelor of Education B.ed in 2002 from the University of Ibadan.

Felix Obuah established his first educational center known as the Agubata College of Commerce in 1985 now known as the Ogba Comprehensive High School in Omoku which has produced Learned Students who are doing very well in the society today. As a Business Administrator, Felix Obuah has led team of Business Men from Nigeria to attend Business Seminars in Promoting and financing investment in Growing Market which was held in Brussel, United kingdom in 2005. Felix Obuah being a traditionalist believes so much in the Ogba Culture, he promotes his culture and ensure it Doesn’t go into Oblivion.

As a Football enthusiast, Felix Obuah floated the Go-Round football club since 1994 which has been top in Nigeria league. The Go-Round football club has gone inter-State for various Leagues and football competition and of course returned victoriously having a Victorious man at the herm of affairs. Felix Obuah being a football enthusiast has visited so many Countries just to promote footballing and Added new Skills all for the promotion of football and his club, the Go-Round football club.

Felix Obuah as a Political Leader have served as the Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Rivers State. His emergence as State Party Chairman in 2014 Brought about the election Victory of his Excellency, Chief Barr. Nyesom Ezewon Wike, The Executive Governor of Rivers State since 2014 and 2019 for a second tenure. Felix Obuah stepped down with a Loud Ovation as Party Chairman and handed over with good records, no Trace of laxity rather cheers of victory and tears of Joy during his transition. Felix Obuah has built mighty Political Leaders of repute who are leading the Society today and making everyone proud. Felix Obuah remains a political Juggernaut, A school of thought and an institution of continuous Learning. Not to forget in a hurry, Felix Obuah due to his commitment in the creation of the NEW Rivers State was appointed to serve as the Sole Administrator of the Rivers State Wasted Management Agency. This was born out of his Love, Support and loyalty to His Excellency, Nyesom Wike, The Executive Governor of Rivers State in 2015/2016

The History Check and Success story of Felix Obuah will not be completed without mentioning his immense contribution to the Church of God. Felix Obuah have been a faithful member of the Church of God Seventh Day. In 2004, He was made District Overseer of the Usomini District. Felix Obuah is an Ambassador to the Holy Land, Israel. Countless times, Felix Obuah have made donations worth Millions of Naira to support the propagation of God’s Word. He singlehandedly built Worship Centers of The church in different Locations just to grow the Population of Christendom.

One of the top achievements of Felix Obuah in 1992-Date is the establishment of the Go-Round Foundation which the goal is to assist the needy in the Society. This is simply to push and enhance the Philosophy of Go-Round which means “For the Benefit and interest of all People. Felix Obuah has bagged series of Humanitarian Service Awards from different institution of Learning, Political Group, Business associates both from the National and international Formation.

Felix Obuah will continue to be challenged into even greater pursuits by some of the Positive comments elicited by his activities from the Public, one of such remarks are; “ The Man Felix, emphasizes that commitment to duty and hard work makes the total Man and a Key to success”. Felix Obuah is an Embodiment of Wisdom, dignity and a Vanguard of History and a great asset to the County.

He has touched and affected Many lives positively, a crusader of acceptable Standards, a man of Peace and Valor. Felix Obuah is a fellow, institute of Personal Management and member, National Institute of Public Management, etc

Felix Obuah remains an Asset and a true Leader, a traditionalist and a mentor. As time progresses on, the People of Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area and Rivers State entirely will never forget the contributions of Felix Obuah in a Hurry. Due to his Simplicity, he Chooses to be Addressed as “Bro Felix Obuah” amongst other tittles.

Felix Obuah is Happily Married with Wonderful Kids.

Better Days ahead Dear Leader.
You have our Support
We Pray and believe there are greater task Ahead.

Thursday 28th May, 2020.

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