Dr. Cairo Ojougboh

All these media trial won’t take the region anywhere. The Minister and the IMC have agreed to cooporate with the NASS on the probe. They insisted on an open probe. Let it be beamed live on National TV. Since their insistence on an open probe the NASS hasn’t come up with a date yet. It’s only been noise from the media. And until the NASS carries out an open probe, comes up with it’s findings. This remains nothing but a media trial.

: “The Forensic audit is moving fast and a lot is being uncovered. Those fighting us want to stop the audit’

: We don’t want a consultant to collect our statutory payments

: Why would Akpabio witchunt Nsima Ekere? For what purpose?

We pay genuinely verified contracts

The Minister is determined

A PDP Senator is the Chairman of Senate Committee on NDDC. Of what value is that?

The Senate Committee on NDDC is asking for bribes before they approve budget

We did not award water hyacinth or desilting works

: We have invited the EFCC and DSS to join the audit

: The IGP wrote to us that some people were planning to burn down the NDDC Head office

in The Forensic audit will catch up with the corrupt people. They know that the end is coming

: The Forensic audit is to clean up NDDC

: We are ready to prove our case with documents

Buhari is determined

“There’s no mace in the NDDC. If there were a mace somebody would have come to carry it”

Sen. Akpabio

Akpabio didn’t start the Forensic audit. It was the governors that asked for it

We never awarded any water hyacinth contracts

If you see what has happened in NDDC, you’ll weep for Nigeria

: The Auditor General never raised any query

They want the IMC scrapped because the Forensic audit is exposing a lot
In the Past, They sign undated agreement in NDDC

You can now see how they have money to hire all kinds of “monkey writers” to write fake news.

The luck we have is that there is no mace in NDDC. if there was a mace we are sure somebody would have come to steal it by now.

: I am sixty years old and no one can push me around…

“Have you seen a commission where agreement for contracts and consultants are signed without dating them”.~

Reason they’re saying IMC should be scrapped is to stop the forensic audit.
Anyone calling for the scrapping of the IMC is complicit.

We want autonomy for the NDDC

Even if the NDDC will be scrapped, it must be audited. The NDDC and the forensic audit are sine qua non~

On the 16 May 2019, NDDC paid 50billion to NGOs in one day! ~

If you won a contract in NDDC it’s like you won lottery

Of all the Contract Agreements in the NDDC, none is dated

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