Bro. Felix Obuah

It is very much correct to say that no Organization, Political Party or even Religious Places of worship exist without little Misunderstanding, Disagreement etc. It May be for a short time inorder to Harness and put structures back in place. But What Baffles me most is the Case of the Rivers State All Progressive Congress (APC) and her Leadership at the National led by The “Suspended” Adams Oshiomhole.

It is no longer news that the Crisis rocking the All Progressive Congress in Rivers State is simply born out of Hunger for Power, Who takes over Authority and who controls Power from all Angles. As an individual who follows the Political trend, I have come to the conclusion that a House Divided against itself cannot stand neither will a Man who’s house is on fire Chase a Rat. It also beats my imagination how a man will chase a Black goat at night instead of the Morning? The crisis in the Party clearly explains incompetence, inability to lead and take charge both in the State and National.

The Controversies in The All Progressive Congress (APC) have also extended to the National Leadership and several factional Leaders are not in agreeing terms since it now a fight of who controls the Party and also who’s factional Leadership should rein supreme over others. That is not even the Headline, I am aware the APC National Leadership comprises of the other Political Parties that were Co-opted into one, the likes of the CPC led by President M. Buhari, the ACN led by Bola Tinubu, The ANPP, APGA, etc.

Without being told, Disagreement is bound to come between Leaders. That is by the way, It is laughable for a National Chairman to be suspended from a Party by his ward Chairman, this has kept the Party off Balance giving rise to Various National Caretaker C’tee Chairmen. This Clearly shows that members of the APC at the National are in disarray and far from being in unity, or it is that of daily injunctions and orders from the judiciary?

How the APC produces Caretaker Committee Chairmen on weekly basis is yet to be figured out, the likes of Igo Aguma, now Sokonte Davies and many more others to come, For a Party to remain usual and steady customers to the Judiciary, then I do not see Light at the end of the Tunnel nor headway.

The APC was built on incompetence, lies and betrayals. Over Four Solid Years and above, the Party is unable to conduct a Party Congress devoid of Violence and other acts that leads to disagreement etc. How can one State have two different Party Secretariats and Acclaimed Chairmen?. This has made it very impossible to Produce a Ward Councillor. The Party Leadership of the APC in Rivers State should allow Love, unity and transparency come in between Leaders in the Party.

That aside, who else has watched the trending video of members of the APC threatening fire and brimstone to the Federal and State Government that members of the Party will cause violence, burn down Rivers State and make it uncomfortable for everyone should in case their principal is expelled from the Party, that is totally out of view and a thing of National Concern.

Though no one prays for disunity to become the order of the day, but It gladdens my Heart that The People’s Democratic Party PDP, a Party know for oneness, Love, peace and unity is gradually correcting the errors of the APC thereby having victory over few states held captive by the APC. The states include: Adamawa, Bauchi, Oyo, Benue, Zamfara, Edo and Sokoto States in Nigeria. It is a plus and also an added advantage for the PDP and a victory for democracy. Following the trend, the APC may likely loose Ondo state if they do not correct and put their houses in order.

A journey down memory Lane back to the Leadership of the People’s Democratic Party PDP in Rivers State as it was led by Bro. Felix Obuah after he reclaimed his stolen mandate from the Court which is the Hope of a Common man. The emergence of Felix Obuah as Party Chairman was a rebirth and Liberation to the state PDP which halted GodFatherism, Segregation, Minority Groups, factions in the Party and disunity in the PDP. Felix Obuah at the initial, worked in synergy with all Stakeholders of the PDP, He never saw anyone to be too small, too big or too important in the Party structure rather He United the PDP and ensured none was in grief before he piloted the affairs of the Party and it was indeed a safe Landing.

Felix Obuah as Party Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Rivers State gave birth to a new era of Leadership which produced Chief Barr. Nyesom Wike as the Executive Governor of Rivers State in 2015 and in 2019 a successful Re-election of Chief Barr. Nyesom Wike and his Deputy, Senators of various district, Members of the Federal House of Representatives, 99% Members of the Rivers State 9th House of Assembly, 23 Local Government Area Chairmen and Ward Councillors, all from the PDP in the State. This move by Felix Obuah is laudable and one of a kind. There is never a time on Earth such success story will be recorded when disunity, hatred and pull him down syndrome is found amongst members.

The Smooth sailing of the PDP in Rivers State has encouraged so many States to dance to the tune of Felix Obuah following his Administrative and Leadership Prowess and good Skills in terms of coordinating and controlling the activities of the Party. In 2019, Felix Obuah was able to deliver over 80% Votes to his Excellency Atiku Abubakar and his Excellency Peter Obi during the 2019 General Election in Nigeria. There was never a time when factions existed in the PDP since Felix Obuah emerged State Party Chairman.

Rivers State as a Home of Peace under the dynamic Leadership Skills exhibited by Felix Obuah gave the state a facelift at the National Level and as God ay have it, the National Chairman of the PDP in Nigeria hails from Our dearly beloved and Peaceful State, the Rivers State. Well, Looking at the National Leadership of the PDP in Nigeria led by Prince Uche Secondus, you will come to conclude that more states have been won over by the PDP and I believe other states will follow suit as time unveils the incapability of the APC to coordinate their affairs and put the Party in order.

Felix Obuah as an Administrator Par Excellent should organize a Leadership summit for all Embattled members of the APC both at the State and National Level for a “One week Leadership summit on Party Management and Administrative Competence. Felix Obuah will be remembered by all members of the PDP, even as he has passed on the mantle of Leadership to next runner up, Felix Obuah’s steps are followed for the are steps ordered from the Heavens.

Leadership is Divine
Leadership involves Conceptual Skills
Leadership involves Strategic Vision
Leadership Means Commitment to the Mission
Leadership Means Attention to Detail
Leadership involves Delegation
Leadership involves Balanced Emotions, Creativity and Digital Communication Experience.

Felix Obuah has exhibited good Leadership skills which has given the PDP an edge in Rivers State and Nigeria Respectively.

Marvelous Chukwuladi Okoro Writes from ONELGA.
Wednesday 24th June, 2020

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