Chief Victor Giadom

How can a Deputy National Secretary become an Acting National Chairman?

First, Victor Giadom was elected as the Deputy National Secretary of the APC. By that position he is the fifth ranking officer of the NWC.

Those ahead of him are the Chairman, the Deputy National Chairman (North), the Deputy National Chairman (South), and the National Secretary.

In the event that the chairman is removed, the constitution says the Deputy National Chairman from the Region where the chairman hails from (in this case, South) should take over.

Fortunately for Victor Giadom, the two Deputy National Chairmen and National Secretary ahead of him either left to contest elections and they won or had been appointed as minister by the President.

Now, because the party constitution says nobody can hold a government position while serving as an officer of the party, those people had to relinquish their offices, leaving Victor to not only step in as Acting National Secretary but also as the next in line to the Chairman.

The party, under Adams Oshiomhole, accepted two names, one from the South and another from the North, to replace the Deputy National Chairman South and North who had left, leaving Victor as the Acting National Secretary, meaning the 4th in line to the Chairman.

When Adams was suspended, ordinarily, one would expect the Deputy National Chairman from the Region where Adams hail from to take over, but Giadom went to Court to say that office is vacant as the man was not elected in a Congress in line with the party constitution.

You see, Chief Victor Giadom is correct because nowhere in the constitution did it say anyone can sit down and nominate names to the NWC, which also means what some people did few days ago for Worgu Boms is alien to our APC Constitution.

It is true that this was the same way that Victor Giadom himself came to the party, but he is lucky that nobody challenged him in the court of law until a valid Congress was held in Abuja and he was validly elected.

So Victor simply told the court that since there was no officer of the party validly recognise by law higher than him in the absence of Adams Oshiomhole, that he should rightfully take over as the Acting National Chairman of the party, and the court agreed with him and granted his request.

The other judgment from the court in Port Harcourt removing Victor Giadom as NWC member came only after a court of Coordinate jurisdiction had already recognised him so it becomes invalid.

On the claim that Victor Giadom resigned to run for election and as a result was no longer a member of the NWC, the man has a valid letter signed by the then National Chairman granting him a waiver to run for that election. Adams himself has not come out to deny this.

For the Vice Chairmen from each of the six geopolitical zones, they’re all lower than Victor Giadom even as a Deputy National Secretary.

*** This was arguably the legal advise President Buhari received and was convinced sufficiently to declare that Chief Victor Giadom is the recognized Acting National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Baridam Ben, a Chemical Analyst, Public Affairs Analyst, Environmental Professional, Writer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, resides in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

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