Bro. Felix Obuah

The ONELGA Born Political Juggernaut Bro. Felix Obuah needs no much introduction. Just as the People will always say that “A good Market sells its self and it is never kept out of sight”, so is Felix Obuah who has kept indelible Marks in the heart of The good People of Rivers State and Beyond.

As Chairman of the renowned Party, the people’s Democratic Party in Rivers State. Felix Obuah transited in flying colours and handed over Party Leadership to the incumbent chairman of the Party, Amb. Desmond Akawor without any Cause for fear as he left with good cheers from the Audience.

Felix Obuah as Chairman of the PDP never recorded any casualty nor rancor as all Party faithfuls exhibited Show of love, unity and oneness throughout his Stay in office As Party Boss in the State.

It is on Record so Far that Felix Obuah’s performance is Second to none and such for posterity to emulate from and tow through the Pathway as it recorded much success and electoral Victories in the State. Felix Obuah stands tall amongst his equals and much encouragement is needed to enable him do more.

Ever since the Departure of G.U Ake of blessed memory, a former PDP Chairman, Obuah have been able to keep the Party floating and basking steadily in good euphorias which also gave the people’s Democratic Party a Facelift and attained the height as the Number one Party in the State.

Felix Obuah as Party Chairman overhauled the Narrative of the PDP for good, turned tables around and made it accommodating for all to sit, Discuss and participate without fear. One of Obuah’s top Landmark achievements is uniting the PDP as one, this sole purpose Was to enable the Party make right decisions and steps for victory.

Ward Councillors throughout the Three Hundred and Nineteen (319) Wards in Rivers State under the People’s Democratic Party won their elections and came out victoriously. Local Government Area Chairmen all of the PDP, House of Assembly and Representatives were won over to the PDP, Rivers Senatorial Seats Won to the PDP and of course, the Executive Seat of the Governor won over by the PDP.

What more can we ask for? It is clear just like the handwriting on the wall that Felix Obuah’s Leadership is Divine. Obuah’s Landmark in Rivers Politics are Indelible and will remain on the lips of almost everyone in Rivers State.

The ORASHI and ONELGA Born politician is a grassroot mobilizer who believes that charity as they say, begins at home. Felix Obuah as an administrator have employed over Three Hundred (300) Staffs and even more who are all working for him. As a Administrator who believes so much in human empowerment, implore the Services of his people and they are well paid. Not because he is wealthy, but as a means of reaching out and being a helping hand to others. Obuah understands the plight and worry of the People.

Just as Human Wants are insatiable, there are Critics who derive much Joy when they bring others to ridicule, Felix Obuah amidst critics is resolute in doing good and undeterred even as he promises to do more to see to the well-being of Rivers State and the Society at Large. Felix Obuah will forever remain a jewel of immeasurable worth to the good people of the ORASHI and ONELGA extraction in Rivers State.

Only God Makes a King, when God uplifts a Man, who is he to stand and say no? Nobody…

Marvelous Chukwuladi Okoro writes from Omoku, Rivers State.

Wednesday 1st July, 2020

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