Femi Adesina (r) and President Muhammadu Buhari

Permit me to explain the issue of the N78 billion refund and Governor Wike’s appreciation letter in simple terms.

A person is owing a class of 36 people some money for work previously done for him, two years ago (2018) he refunded 31 of them leaving 5 outstanding. He finally starts the process of refund to the last 5 people and 1 person out of the group says “THANK YOU” to the man initiating the refund. This is the refund discussion in simple terms.

However, Mr Femi Adesina chose to be unnecessarily mischievous with his recent article which he captioned “Wike vindicates Buharists.”

An except from his article;

“The Wike we knew was either usually crying wolf where there was none, alleging that the Federal Government wanted to kill him, or claiming that he was not answerable to the central government at Abuja in any way, or even pontificating that the President and his political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), had failed the country in diverse ways.
If not for the maturity, and the avuncular attitude of President Buhari to all state governors, it would have been easy for one to conclude that he and Wike were enemies. Forsworn ones.”

As it is obvious, these are the attempts of a rabble-rouser seeking attention and relevance to escape public oblivion. Governor Wike’s exemplary conduct shows that political opposition is not hatred or madness – a gesture that should be emulated by Policitians and their supporters, one of whom is Mr Femi Adesina.

The public show of appreciation by the Gov. Wike is nothing new as he has been consistent in boldly expressing commendation or criticism on several issues when necessary.

If Mr Adesina had taken his time to conduct a little research, he would have been aware that the letter of gratitude was indeed sent over three weeks before it was made public.

He saw it on the pages of Newspapers like every other Nigerian and decided that a noble gesture by the Governor should be reduced to a caricature of sorts.

I understand that it is difficult for Femi Adesina to appreciate the beauty and consistency of the said letter considering him being a sad example of inconsistency.

What Femi Adesina the Editor-in-Chief said a few years ago is different from what he is saying today and sadly, with his present ethical direction -or lack of it- we still don’t know what he would say tomorrow.

It was Mr Adesina who wrote a scathing piece on PMB’s present Chief-of-Staff wherein condemning him. He wrote, “Gambari enslaved himself to please his paymasters. Now, 13 years after, the shackles are still tied around his neck, threatening to asphyxiate him. What an eternal lesson for fawning bootlicking grovellers to learn. Old sins indeed have long shadows.” Today, this exact words best decribe him as Mr Adesina has turned around and is paying glowing tribute to the same man he tried to roll in the mud yesterday. A reason why it of often said that _”those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”_

The long shadows of Mr Adesina’s past seem to be hot on his heels forcing him to go to extremes even when it entails him trampling on ideals he once professed and insulting Nigerians in the process.

On reading his article, many people on his Facebook wall opined that such a man should not be allowed near any leader as he seems to have lost his democratic compass and now
speaks in abhorrence of basic democratic principles like freedom of speech and the right to criticism.

The responses from people on his page would ordinarily make any person have a rethink but Mr Adesina seems to be living out Reuben Abatti’s opinion that there seems to be a higher force around the seat of power that turns good men of yesterday to bad men who “act like they are under a spell”.

His article was an egregious display of the belief that anyone who doesn’t share his political sentiment was a lesser Nigerian spared only by the mercy and good graces of Mr President.

What could possibly have made Mr Adesina who earlier this year, scurrilously call the
Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) “a political party” for complaining about the killing of a man of the clergy. By this, I have now concluded that the Femi Adesina with honest opinions and a genuine love for democracy we knew is gone, and there is no limit to what the present Femi Adesina with a childish love for public attention can say.

On first read, one would wonder what the aim of his article was as it mostly wandered around banter more fitting for a public bar, but on a closer look, one would notice that the article is about a desperate man grappling for significance.

The motive of the puerile drama can be found in the later part of his article where he committed the last seven paragraphs of his write up to his real intention of unwarranted sycophancy.

His article was a grovelling attempt to remind the world -and some people in authority- of the troubles he has been through as well as his long term fealty to the President. It was actually the cry of a hallelujah boy declaring he would sing hallelujah for ever (he actually said that in different words).

Such a message shows a man of dwindling relevance that is trying to stir up remembrance as a means of survival. The decent issue of the appreciation was just a casualty used to draw attention to his real message.

Marshal Obuzor writes from Port Harcourt

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