🔹His Generosity, Diplomacy & Humility

Gov. Nyesom Wike (r) and Bro. Felix Obuah

Bro. Felix Obuah aka Go Round is a visionary, patriotic, compassionate and humble leader who has over the years demonstrated and set a higher bar of exceptional leadership at the community, LGA, and State levels.

MBA Anabaragu 1 or Eze Orash 1 of Orashi region as some call him even though he prefer being called Bro. Felix Obuah, is a practical and exceptional role model to millions of people, as a man who has contributed to the development of people at various levels.

Sir, I salute the courage, patriotism and boundless energy you have brought into leadership, especially the focus on people oriented development.

Wise diplomacy, humility and generosity distinguished Bro. Felix Obuah from other leaders.

Obuah’s generosity and attractive traits of personality has won him millions of friends, followers and many awards.

A very humble leader that knows how to placate enemies as well as win friends.

This is one impressive quality or trait that so much inspires people that makes him lovable by all, even his critics.

While some leaders like him alienate people, especially at this period of hardship, Bro. Felix Obuah makes friends readily.

A man of the people and man of the moment who has truly and practically demonstrated an uncommon goodwill towards Rivers people which has earned him millions of great admirers.

For the few who may not know him very well, Bro. Felix Obuah aka Go-Round is a foremost philanthropist, an entrepreneur, a servant of God and politician.

As an entrepreneur, he is one of the highest employer of labour in Rivers State.

A man of many parts who has built credibility, competence, character and capacity, and have touched lives positively and demonstrated untiring love for the people.
A man whose philanthropic gestures knows no bounds.

At the onset of COVID-19 pandemic and its devastation on the economy, especially the pockets of people, Go Round, because of his philanthropic, generous nature, and his ability to reach out, helped Rivers residents in providing palliatives in cash and kind more than any individual or organization in Rivers State and this gesture won him many awards by different reputable organizations including prayers by Rivers residents.

He didn’t end by giving palliatives, he also engaged on public advocacy to sensitize Rivers residents on the danger of the virus and the need to observe guidelines put in place by Rivers State Government to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

According to Bro. Felix Obuah while giving out palliatives “if I had the will, I would have fed the world.
No atom of kindness in this turbulent time to a fellow is a waste of resources”.

For me, People must have this quality to be called a leader or man of the people.

To be called a leader or a man of the people, such person should have impacted significantly on the people, and must have an open mind and heart, and has added value to people.

In my life history at my level, I have not known a man like Bro. Felix Obuah aka Go Round, who attaches great importance to poverty eradication and lifting the people out the various stages of poverty and helping people achieve their dreams and success including raising people to various leadership levels.

My prayers everyday is for God to raise more leaders like Bro. Felix Obuah aka Go Round, I have not seen a compassionate leader like him

Leadership Must Be By Example Or It Is Not Leadership.

This is one reason Bro. Felix Obuah aka Go Round is loved by all including his political critics.

Even his fierce critics will tell you, ” the man is a good man o, don’t mind negative things we write against him o, you know we are in politics, the level Go Round is today, to dismantle him, we need to throw some muds at him too. But deep down my brother, the man is good, we love him, and he knows”.

As a man that is diligently serving Rivers State Government under the Excellent leadership of His Excellency, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike CON, GSSRS, P.O.S Africa, Governor of Rivers State, and with his loyalty to the ruling party, PDP, I pray that the Almighty God will grant him more years of good health, strength and wisdom to continue to serve Rivers State, God and humanity.

Miller Chinemike Orgwu writes from Port Harcourt


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