Your Excellency,

I write you as a responsible citizen of Rivers State to thank you for being a truly responsible Governor. Your stance and actions in protecting Rivers citizens regardless of political affiliations is quite commendable. I am elated that you rose to protect Dr. Joi Nunieh.

You have again demonstrated statesmanship, I say so because from what we know even your predecessor in office who is her personal friend would not bother.

For even if you pretended to be too busy to notice, nobody will challenge you or impeach you. So you acted out of your conviction that all Rivers people are your responsibility. (If I could afford to) I would have taken a newspaper space to publicly commend you for this and other good acts.

Of course, I am not in your party as Joi too. I have critiqued you in the past so I commend you with good conscience.

Your Excellency sir, I want to use this moment to appeal to you do what you should and write your name in gold in the hearts of Rivers people.

Remember the commendations and hailing today is 99% eye service. Your greatest legacy will not be flyovers or any project, but the Peace and tranquility that heralds your exit. No matter what you do, if anyone wants to disappoint you, he will.

But if you do what is right, fair and proper, the people will celebrate and appreciate you. If your successor attempts to rubbish you the people will defend you. And his conscience will judge him.

There two sides to everything in life, in Rivers State, we are either upland or riverine, just as we are either northerners or Southerners in Nigeria.

I once told CRA that he as governor has the tallest stake in who becomes his successor, but his interest can’t translate to 2 votes at the primary election of the party (that was when we were all in PDP). So, the Gov is very important and influential, but at last if he sees himself as all powerful, the Almighty will arise.

H.E sir, I appeal to you in the name of God to find a reliable administrator, technocrat, associate or even friend from any of the riverine LGAs and support. You can start grooming one now.

There are riverine people in the 3 zones, so find one and nurture. REMEMBER there is no true success without a worthy successor.

God bless you
God bless Rivers State
God bless Nigeria.

Sincerely yours,

Dason Nemieboka

Dason Nemieboka, an Author, Media Consultant and Social Commentator, resides in Port Harcourt

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