A group of Media Managers, under the aegis of the Delta Online Publishers Forum, DOPF, has commiserated with families who lost their loved ones, and the injured persons in the ongoing #EndSARS protests rocking the country, which commenced about two weeks ago

The Forum, in a press statement signed by the chairman, Mr. Emmanuel Enebeli and Secretary, Mr. Shedrack Onitsha, stated that while the Forum wholeheartedly supports the protest as it is genuinely targeted at curbing what had been considered as arbitrary abuse of Nigerians for more than a decade, it however frowns as the realization that the protest had degenerated into worrisome proportions, as lives are being lost and critical infrastructure torched and destroyed.

The statement added that the unwarranted attack on the protesters on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos, where numbers of persons were allegedly killed and scores injured, could had been avoided if the government, especially at the federal level, had acted on time in checking the action of miscreants who took advantage of Federal Government’s inaction to highjack the peaceful protest.

“We mourn with Nigerians, on the lives lost in the cause of this protest, and we called on the Nigerian authority to investigate the incident and prosecute in public any of the killer officers.

“The deaths witnessed would have been avoided if the government, especially at the federal level had acted proactively and addressed the protesting youths and Nigerians.

“It’s shameful and annoying that till this hour, the President of the country has not deemed it fit to talk directly to Nigerians”.

DOPF stated further that the loss of any Nigerian life no matter how old, cannot be justified by any any reason, as such the Forum is pained by the death of Nigerian youths who’s only offense is asking for good governance.

The Forum also condemned the reported attacks on journalists, media houses, security men who are performing their lawful duties and decried the highjack of the protest by some hoodlums who have abandoned the agenda of the protesters, to start attacking private businesses and State infrastructure.

It called on Nigerians to see media houses, journalists, and security operatives as people who are carrying out their lawful duties to inform, and protect lives and properties and therefore, be supported instead of been attacked.

It further called on Nigerians to remain focused on the goal of getting the country to the path of greatness and should not to allow the deaths of some of the protesters dim the fire of the call to restructure the system of governance in Nigeria.

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