The Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission, RSIEC headed by its Chairman, Justice George Omereji (retd.), has released campaign guidelines for political parties participating in the April 17th, 2021, local government elections in the state.

The guidelines, which were contained in a document sighted on some social media platforms titled: ELECTIONEERING CAMPAIGN NOTICE, with its Source as: Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission, is published in full below.


1. The campaign period shall begin from Friday 12 March, 2021 and ends on Thursday 15 April, 2021. For the avoidance of doubt, there shall be no radio or television jingles, media statements, releases, news or advertisements, rallies, gatherings or open meeting, with effect from midnight of 15th day of April, 2021.

2. A political party, candidate or supporters shall not use any property or house belonging to the government before the election and shall not also convene any meeting in public buildings or places of worship.

3. The campaigns of a political party or candidate shall not be disrupted or obstructed by another political party or candidate.

4. In order to avoid conflicts, every political party shall submit a comprehensive election campaign schedule to RSIEC for clearance. Such approved campaign schedules shall be notified to the local authority as well as other political parties.

5. The blockage of streets and public roads for political meetings, campaigns and rallies is prohibited.

6. The organizers of any meetings, campaigns or rallies shall seek remedy from the police authority against other persons who obstruct or otherwise create disturbance in the holding of their meetings. The organizers shall not resort to any action by themselves against such persons.

7. Posters, leaflets, banners and handbills of candidates should not be posted over the posters, leaflets, banners and handbills of other candidates.

8. An election camp should not be set up on any road or place meant for use or movement by the members of the public by any political party or candidate.

9. The use of public address system for campaigns, at rallies, meetings and processions shall be restricted from 7pm to 6am.

10. No candidate or supporter shall make any statement against the religious sentiments of others during election campaigns.

11. Political parties and candidates shall not base their speeches at meetings, campaigns, or rallies on sectional, ethnic or religious sentiments or prejudice.

12. Land, house or any other immoveable or moveable property of citizens, fellow contestants and candidates of other political parties should not be damaged during campaign.

13. In the interest of peace and discipline on the election day, vehicular traffic will be restricted between the hours of 7am to 3pm.

14. Carrying of arms, dangerous weapons or explosives within the perimeter of polling stations is prohibited.

15. A councillorship candidate shall campaign only within the ward in which he/she intends to contest election. Similarly, a local government chairmanship candidate shall campaign only within the local government area he/she intends to contest election.

16. Campaigns shall be devoted essentially to outlining what the candidate intends to do for the people of his/her ward or local government area or how he or she intends to do it.

17. Political parties and candidates are prohibited from using churches, mosque, or other religious place, military or police barracks or stations, public offices or such other places for the purpose of election campaigns.

18. No political party, candidate or supporter shall pay or make any commitment, openly or in secret to pay bribes or other forms of inducement to voters for the purpose of influencing voters in the ward or local government area.

Source: Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission.

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