DSS Allegedly Invades Activist, George Uboh’s Abuja House, Carts Away Documents

The Department of State Security, FCT Command, on June 12, 2021, allegedly invaded the Abuja house of an anti corruption activist, George Uboh with the intention of killing him like a common criminal.

According to our source, the DSS operatives invaded the Mpape hills residence of George Uboh on a Democracy Day without prior notification or invitation.

Unfortunately, they didn’t meet him at home, but had to leave lasting marks by shooting his doors, ransacking his entire living rooms and offices and carting away valuable documents.

The DSS went ahead to arrest some of Uboh’s workers and took away the DVR so that the evidence of their activities could not be on record; however, a recording of their post-action footage has been made as evidence.

Meanwhile, some anti corruption crusaders that were spoken to concerning this DSS act, have condemned the act in strong terms, describing it as undemocratic and even perpetrated on a Democracy Day (June 12).

They affirmed that they would go to any length to challenge this authoritarian and excessive use of force by the DSS whose function is supposed to be more of intelligence and interrogation on the basis of investigation.

“The victim, George Uboh is a known citizen of Nigeria, a passionate activist cum whistle-blower. For him to be treated like a common criminal by the DSS means that nobody is safe in this dictatorial government”, they posited.

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