One of Governor Wike’s key agenda upon assumption of office in 2015 was to rebuild our educational system.

As a former Minister of Education, Governor Wike took over the responsibility of Governorship with a clear insight of the Educational Sector and its nitty-gritty.

One of the major reasons for the structural rot in our education system has been hugely due to the lack of maintenance of our educational infrastructure.

When this administration took over in 2015, most of the schools around the states – especially high schools – were in deplorable conditions – an irony given the fact that the previous administration carried out the construction of schools around the state.

However, the reality is that while succeeding administrations embark on constructing new infrastructures, existing ones are left to rot.

This is a trend among political leaders who desire to have new facilities constructed in their name.

However, if there is one area the Wike administration has scored high, it is in the continuation, and revitalization of existing infrastructure regardless of the administration that constructed them. This has been exhibited in various sectors most especially road infrastructure.

When Governor Wike assumed office in 2015, one of the areas he took keen interest in, was the Educational Sector.

In fact, in 2019, he declared that the two main sectors that would receive express attention was Education and Health. This followed the declaration of free education in all Government Schools from Primary to Secondary.

In 2019, the Rivers State Government allocated over 20 percent of the entire 2020 budget tagged #BudgetOfReassurance to Education alone. At 49 billion Naira, it was the second highest budgetary allocation, second only to Works.

In the last couple of years, the Governor’s intervention in education has seen to the revitalization of many abandoned schools that were left to rot away by the previous administration.

Examples of schools that were reconstructed include:

– Birabi memorial grammar school Bori
– Govt. Comprehensive Sec. Schl. PH
– Govt. Sec. Schl. Ubima.
– Govt. Sec Sch Rumuokwuta Ph.
– Govt. Sec. Schl. Isiokpo.
– Kalabari National College, Buguma.
– Maria High Schl. Bane, Khana LGA.
– Nyemoni Grammar School, Abonnema.
– Okrika Grammar Schl. Okrika.
– Western Ahoada County High School
– Govt Sec Sch, Okarki
– Government Girls Secondary School Rumuokwuta
– Government Secondary School, Ogu
– Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Borokiri
– Enitonna High School Port Harcourt

And many others ongoing.

Most recently, the State government commissioned the Community Secondary School Eteo, Eleme and Community Secondary School Obeapku Ndoki, Oyigbo. Tastefully built to finish, with state-of-the-art facilities.

These many interventions are there to see and verified by all.

Beyond just words, Governor Wike interventions in Education is unparalleled and as a former Minister for Education, nothing less was expected.

Ugochukwu Tony Oputa
12 August, 2021

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