As Delta State celebrates the 30th anniversary of its creation, the state chairman of the Accord Party, Mr. Fred Obi, has appealed to Deltans to shun political agenda that will threaten the peace and unity currently being enjoyed in the state.

In a press statement made available to newsmen on Delta at 30, Obi noted that, “We want to start by thanking God for keeping us together since the creation of the State in August 27th 1991.

“We are not all together in this State by Accident, it is the will of God for us, hence we must at all time endeavor to put that which will make the State to succeed and by extension give glory to God who has kept us together thus far.”

According to him, “Our great Accord Party felicitates with Delta State Government, and the good people of the State on this auspicious day of the 30th anniversary of the creation of Delta state.

“As the glamour of this year’s anniversary buzzes across the state, we are consciously reminded of the compelling need to collectively move our state forward and make it distinctively great among commity of states in Nigeria.”

As a united and determined people working assiduously towards a common goal – “the progress of Delta state,” we must not relent in our collective will to actuate good governance in the state and catalyse unprecedented socio-economic growth and prosperity for all.

Just as great nations the world over were built at the expense of patriotism, unrivalled commitment, good governance and peaceful coexistence, the Accord Party Boss insisted that, we must commit ourselves to the dictates of progressive politicking, imbibe the spirit of patriotism and upscale our civic responsibilities towards making our state a conducive place of abode.

“Without mincing words, we are not unaware of the brazen fact that political bickerings, mudslinging, inter and intra party feud have over the years put our unity in jeopardy, and slowed the development of our state.

“Therefore, we must heed the clarion call to beat a detour from every discourse, communion, and fraternity that endanger our collective interest as one indivisible and indissoluble entity.

Interestingly, he noted, the clamour for a new and progressive Delta state is waltzing strong across the nooks and crannies of the state and beckoning at us to support the vision of good governance being propagated by our Great Accord Party with incomparable passion and pertinacity.

According to him, the political beats of this memorable day strikingly beckon at us to desmonstrate resoluteness and key into the awesome vision of our Great Accord Party which has begun a rebooting of the political activities in Delta state to prepare grounds for maximum welfare, freedom and happiness for all Deltans on the basis of social justice, equality of status and opportunity in the coming political dispensation.

“There is no gainsaying the fact that our Great Accord Party, currently under a new and visionary leadership, is tenaciously poised to pursue its cardinal goal of making Delta state great saying, the coast is now clear for Accord Party to take its pride of place in the political firmament of Delta state as it draws its strength from the collective will of the good people of the state to begin a new era of prosperity in the state.”

Lending a voice to the contentious issue of zoning of political positions as being advocated in some quarters, he said Accord Party strongly jettisons zoning of political positions in whatever form or shape it is being promoted.

To state it mildly, the chairman pointed, zoning violates the dictates and cardinal principles of democracy globally, just as it is repugnant to modest democratic norms, values and ethos in Delta state.

He added that democracy abhors zoning saying it is an inviolable creed of Accord Party.

“As we savour the celebratory mood of the 30th anniversary of our great Delta state, we must eschew violence, bigotry and gerrymandering, and commit to promoting peaceful coexistence among the diverse ethnic groups in the state.

“When we tow this peaceful path, and distance ourselves from political activities inimical to democracy, we would be able to harness our strengths and potentials, then build a virile and progressive state for all. Once again, happy 30th anniversary of the creation of Delta state.”

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