2023: Reps Minority Leader Elumelu Says Nigerians Ready to Follow PDP To Victory

The Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu has expressed the confidence and willingness of Nigerians to follow the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to Victory in 2023.

Elumelu in his remarks on Thursday during the 93rd meeting of the National Executive Committee of the Party in Abuja, said that Nigerians are eager and much in a hurry to see an end to the APC rule at the center with a view to bringing to an end the economic hardship, insecurity and general hopelessness, that the ruling party brought to bear in the lives of the people.

The Minority Leader said that Nigerians are solidly behind the PDP as a better option at the center, pointing out that all efforts should be geared towards marching with the people, in their determined quest for a new beginning under the banner of the PDP.

Elumelu therefore, urged the leaders and elders of the Party to make sacrifices as they make preparations towards electing competent national officers that will lead the party to victory in 2023 in their forthcoming national convention.

“As long as we remain united and that our decisions reflect their aspiration for the new beginning, Nigerians are willing to follow us to the end, and that end is an inevitable victory, come 2023.

“Our citizens have suffered the most unimaginable under the APC, a nightmarish pirate ship that is only out to pillage, plunder and suppress the people.

“Indeed, Nigerians cannot wait to see the APC out of office so that there can be an end to the mindless killings, terrorism, banditry, economic hardship, poverty and utter hopelessness that the APC has brought to our dear country.

“The only assurance of security and a return to life of unity, peace, national cohesion and economic prosperity is in returning the PDP to power, and Nigerians are determined to follow us to the end.

“In this regard, I charge every one of us to make sacrifices as we gear up towards the forthcoming national convention so that we will elect competent national officers who will eventually lead us to victory.

“In all, one thing is sure. If we work hard and not relent, the PDP will be reinstated to power, come May 29, 2023,” Rt. Hon. Elumelu assured.

He commended the resolutions of the last NEC meeting of the party, the resilience of the leaders and commitment of members of the party in charting the way through their challenges and said it has remained a booster of the confidence Nigerians has for the PDP as the only viable option to rescue the Country from the APC.

“May I, once again, commend our leaders, the Board of Trustees, (BoT), the PDP Governor’ Forum, the National Working Committee (NWC), and the National Caucus and indeed, all other organs of our party for our collective efforts in this direction.”

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