I was the keynote speaker at the 2021 edition of the annual lecture where I spoke on: NIGER DELTA ECONOMY: BUILDING A NEW FACE FOR THE REGION

In any society, for development to thrive, there must be peace and security. Previous governments (mine inclusive) invested heavily to maintain peace and security and successive governments have continued to build on it.

Niger Delta has since seized to be the hotbed of violence in Nigeria.

Time now to focus on attracting massive growth and development to the region. Achieving this is now the NEW FACE we are trying to wear our resource-rich region and the growing list of online publishers and writers have a key role to play in shaping this new face for our region.

To achieve this, I used the opportunity to highlight some key indices that will drive economic prosperity in our region which include but not limited to;

*Investing more on human capital development programs/initiatives.

*Fostering collaboration for inter/intra regional trade.

*Diversification of the Niger Delta economy which I initiated as “Delta Beyond Oil when I was in Office”. To suit the context of our discourse, it can be recoined, “Niger Delta Beyond Oil”.

*Investing heavily in the development of infrastructure.

*Peace and Security.

In all we post as online publishers/writers, we must not forget that social media does not forget. Be careful what you report. Malicious reportage, fake news and half-truths put our region in terrible light before the international community. They are also online watching all your activities.

I will leave you with what I left the audience with: We must deliberately allow more industries to come to our region but I must add a caveat, we as a people must have a receptive attitude towards industrialization.

Postscript: The last three photos are photos from the surprise birthday coup that was carried out by the organisers shortly after my presentation even though my birthday is tomorrow.

Thanks to the organizers for inviting me and also carrying out a successful birthday coup.

God bless you all!

Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, CON
Immediate Past Governor of Delta State

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