The Secretary to Rivers State Government, Dr. Tammy Danagogo says Governor Nyesom Wike will not abandon any project in fulfilment of the NEW Rivers Vision development blueprint for the state.

The SSG anchored his submission on the experience, competence and courage of Governor Wike in implementing the principles of good governance and determination to leave behind a worthy legacy for future generations.

He made this assertion when members of the Ikwerre (Iwhuruohna) Journalistic Forum visited him in his office to appreciate public officials who are working and supporting the success story of Governor Nyesom Wike.

Dr Danagogo further assured them that no debt will also be left behind by the Wike’s dministration for the next government.

According to him, “the Governor Wike I know will not leave behind abandoned projects, and he will not leave debts. He is doing a lot of projects but all will be finished before the end of his tenure. This is because he is experienced in governance, and he has the capacity and courage to do what is right. All projects are cash-backed and targeted to be completed.

“The Trans-Kalabari Road for instance has 5 segments. The Governor has awarded the first segment with 14 billion set aside for completion of the segment. As such, the contractor does not have any excuses than to deliver the project at the set time.

“This strategy was successfully implemented in the Sakpenwa Bori – kono Road. The next phase of the road, the Bori – kono section, is also now under construction. Anyone projecting the failure of the Trans-Kalabari Road is an enemy of our progress.

“Following the kidnap of one of the expatriates working with the contracting firm of the Trans-Kalabari Road, the Deputy Governor met with political and traditional stakeholders of Kalabari extraction to ensure all community members work towards the release of the worker. We thank God for the release of the worker.”

The SSG urged the journalists to stay united and work beyond the borders of ethnic segregation to enjoy a truly prosperous State, while stating that, nepotism or tribalism are veritable ways to prevent the progress that River’s people will enjoy.

“I believe in the unity of humanity and all ethnic nationalities. Once God has placed you in a position, irrespective of your ethnic nationality, you must understand the reason why God placed you there and you have to make the best out of that together. The day we begin to draw our lines across tribe, we begin to retrogress as a people.

“One of the reasons why the United States of America is great today is that America harnesses the best from everywhere to make their country great. What you have done today tells me you are a people who have gone beyond primordial sentiments. That is the way we should go in Rivers State. Brotherhood and friendship is the only thing that will help us, he noted”.

The President, Ikwerre Journalists Forum, Elder Mike Iwezor, said the visit was embarked upon to encourage those who are supporting Governor Wike in recording the tremendous successes the NEW administration has achieved for Rivers people.

“We wish to inform you that in our honest judgment as journalists, you are such a person. Given the above, we are here to say a very big thank you for all you have done and still doing in support of the progressive sail the administration of our brother is having and that we recognize the crucial, supportive role you have brought to bear since you were appointed”, he said.

Reported by: Juliana Masi, Press Officer, Office of the Secretary to the State Government, Rivers State

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