Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, frontline oil industry titan, Rivers political leader, statesman and philanthropist extraordinaire, has been crowned as the Rivers Man of year 2021.

He was conferred with the award at the 7th Garden City Advancement Award, GACA ceremony, tagged: The Heroic Edition, which took place at the Aztech Arcum Event Centre, Port Harcourt, on Sunday, 7th November, 2021.

The colourful ceremony was graced by various individuals and corporate organizations including, the Hon. Commissioner of Information Rivers State Government, Mr. Paulinus Nsirim who was awarded the best performing commissioner of the year and the Chairman of Akukutoru Local Government Area, Hon. Rolland Sekibo who took the shine as the best grass-roots politician of the year.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Paramount Head of the Oruwari War Canoe group of houses, Head Chief of the Young Briggs House of Abonnema and Iniikeiroari the VI of Kalabari kingdom, was honored as the Rivers Man of the year and this according to the organizers of the Award ceremony is in recognition of his many contributions to social and human capital development in the state coupled with his magnificent social outings, ranging from the excellent execution of his father’s yet to be compared funeral ceremony to his glorious traditional ascensions as the Head Chief of the Young Briggs House of Abonnema, Paramount Head of the Oruwari War Canoe group of houses of Abonnema and Iniikeiroari the VI of Kalabari kingdom.

He was also applauded for his recent reconciliatory and peace building functions, material contributions to alleviate the condition of his people and his sound judgments so far as a traditional leader are not without notice.

The Chief who was unavoidably absent, was represented by members of his family, heads of his media department and members of his Youth Foundation, collectively led by his Director of Communications at the DLB Media, Elder Sotonye Ijuye-Dagogo, a veteran journalist who spoke on his behalf.

In his appreciation message, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs said: “Many thanks to Heritage-Plus, the organizers of Garden City Advancement Award and to everyone who considered me worthy of the honor as the Rivers Man of the year 2021.

“Our society needs the blessings of God Almighty which I believe is far more accommodating than the reach of man! As individuals, we can only do the much we can.

“Society has to be restructured to reverse the trend in which there are very many poor people, very many unemployed youth.

“Our country is very rich in natural resources and the question is: Why are our people so poor? Is it because the people that control the country’s wealth have their eyes high up there?

“The focus of governance should be on the grassroots, the ordinary people, the local communities. We need to reverse the condition where the country and the state are rich but our people are poor; where the government and companies are rich but their hosts are poor.

” We need governance to be about the ordinary people of Rivers State – the people of Ahoada, the people of Bonny, the people of Obio-Akpor, the people of Khana, etc. What we have today is politics for township people, politics for the rich and super rich, politics for those who only want to take for themselves from the public coffers and keep the ordinary people perpetually impoverished.

“Leadership should be about the local communities, about truth, not frills.

” Governance should make the ordinary man and woman the start point of all developmental policies, strategies and action plans.

“Political power should be put in the hands of the people. The people should be empowered to determine how politics is played; empowered to influence and benefit from the deployment of state resources. Political influence should be deliberately given to the local communities, we should take political power and influence from the ‘big oga dem’ and put in the hands of the ordinary people.

“Politics should be about the people and the dividends of democracy should benefit everyone. Governance must be inclusive, the governor should only be a primus inter pares. Differences of opinion should not be construed as a declaration of enmity.

“May God Almighty help our leaders to deliver, liberate and bless our state and country.

“Thank you for this recognition and God bless you all,” he concluded.

To God be the glory!

Uche Emmanuel Woke,
Special Assistant Media – DLB

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