By Isaac Ogerugba

Life they say is a journey which will one day come to an end, this was the submission of Brother Achugbue, during the funeral discourse of late Pa Amos Ukanifimoni the father of Mr Brown Ukanifimoni, member Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) and also Deputy Director, Public Affairs Department, Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Effurum, Delta State.

According to Brother Achugbue We must make our way right while on earth so as to enjoy paradise which Jehovah God has promise us.”

Pa Ukanifimoni embraced the truth in 1945, dedicated his life to Jehovah God and symbolised it by water baptism as a Jehovah’s witnesses in 1948. He served him till September 20, 2021, at the age of 93, when Jehovah God called him home.

The burial was attended by dignitaries from all works of life including the Vice Chairman, NIPR, Delta State, Mr Godfrey Osakwe, the Financial Secretary, Mr Isaac Ogerugba, Ex Officio Welfare, Mrs Ese Obote-Ogwu, Mrs Oyinye Udemezue, Mrs Esther Obiese, Mr Shedrack Onitsha, Mrs Juliet Igbru members of the Institute and Mr Erhiga Onade an intending member among others.

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