A leading gubernatorial aspirant in Akwa Ibom State, Obong Akan Udofia, says he will be a true servant of the people, if given the chance in 2023.

At a meeting with his coordinators drawn from the 31 local governments, Udofia, the GMD of Desicon Engineering Group, said his style of management will be people-oriented. He wants to serve and not to govern!

The interactive session provided opportunity for the coordinators to X-ray the mind of their Principal, who assured them of his utmost readiness to run to full course.

While pledging to run a development-based administration, Udofia assured that the entire Akwa Ibom will feel the difference in his leadership style
as it was time to develop people more than focusing only on infrastructure.

The coordinators, he added, as his first point of contact, would all be touched positively. “Those of you that will hold hands with me to get there.. because I’m going to get there…by God, I will not forget you. You are going to be part of it. There is no way each and everyone of you will not prosper”, he assured.

Udofia again debunked insinuations that he might step down in due course, stressing that he can never
negotiate the confidence of his people.

While reiterating that his aspiration “is God’s project”, the global business leader in the oil and gas industry informed that he had nothing to fear as he had never been involved in any criminal activity or ever been invited for questioning anywhere in the world.

Reacting to the burning issue of cultism, he said: “They talk about cultism, your product is not a cultist. See how God works? Is it not God that prepared me for today”?

He frowned at the growing mentality where every young Akwa Ibomite wants to be a personal assistant (PA) or special assistant (SA), instead of aspiring for something higher.

“All my children have Master Degrees. Now, I want your children to have better Master Degrees…We have to demystify governance”, he said.

He said as a private sector
leader, he knows how to point people to how to acquire prosperity and urged that it was time they took their fates in their hands.

Declaring that he had been in the business of developing people for the last 32 years, Udofia charged the masses to be wary of
professional politicians who keep deceiving people without commensurate actions. ”Anybody who has not done it (improving people) before will be deceiving you”, he added.

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