UNIPORT Law Faculty Names Chamber After Danagogo, Rivers SSG

The newly established Students’ Chamber in the University of Port Harcourt Law Faculty has been named after Secretary to the Rivers State Government, Dr Tammy Wenike Danagogo.

Speaking during the inauguration of the Chambers, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt, Prof. Owunari Georgewill, applauded the Faculty of Law for selecting Dr Danagogo amongst other revered legal luminaries across the country to inspire and direct student lawyers on the right path.

“This is a step in the right direction. People like Dr. Danagogo have been selected to inspire and encourage you (students) to aspire to be like them. They are worthy of emulation and highly respected. The legal profession is one of dignity and ethics. I believe students will make the best use of this opportunity of the chambers here ,” the VC said.

He noted that the management of the University of Port Harcourt is focused to place the institution on the global stage. As such, it is working to ensure all it’s programs are accredited.

Dr. Danagogo thanked the Faculty of Law, the Students and Institution for christening its chambers after him amongst other prestigious legal luminaries who have had chambers named after them in the University. He advised students of the University and in particular, the Law Faculty to make the most of the opportunity as they were being mentored by some of the best hands such as the Vice Chancellor, Professor Owunari Georgewill and the Dean, Prof. Lucky Ibibia, who both have vastly excelled in the academics, locally and international

He said, “I am delighted to join the ranks of other chambers christened after the likes of Justice B. A. Georgewill! JCA, Okey Wali, SAN, etc who are amongst those who taught me the ropes in legal practice. Gratitude is not only the highest of virtues but the parent of them all as Marcus Cicero once said. I am grateful. This calls for more dedication to the ideals you expect of me”.

“I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity God has blessed you with. This is where you begin to show who you will be. The legal profession prices excellence above every other thing. Focus first on excellence.

“If you place your priority on academic excellence now, a time will come when money and position will run after you. Students who place money as their priority will always miss it. If it were required that I give money before having this chambers named after me I wouldn’t have come. First and foremost, students should be looking for people they want to look up to, those who want to set examples and standards for them. The Bible says, seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing will follow. Likewise, seek first the kingdom of academic excellence, and every other thing will follow. Do not get involved with rich nobodies.

“Thomas Jefferson once said, nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal but nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. I believe you have the right mental attitude. Keep it up and you will reach the skies.”

“I am elated about the kind of people you named your chambers after such as the revered Hon. Justice B. A. Georgewill, JCA, Barr. Okey Wali, SAN; It shows that you are aiming high. By the grace of God, you will get there and above us,” he summed up.

The Dean, Faculty of Law, Prof. Lucky Worika Ibibia, revealed that the Law Faculty has received successful resource verification exercises from the NUC, the Council of Legal education and full accreditation from the Council of Legal Education and the NUC. He noted that the Rivers State Governor, Barr. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike while serving as the Minister of Education, State, sowed the establishment of the Law Faculty.

The Head of the Tammy Wenike Danagogo Chambers, UNIPORT, Egwogwu Chukwuebuka, a 4th year law student, informed that students will make best use of the new chambers to acquire the needed skills in their legal education.

Juliana Masi
Press Officer
Office of the Secretary to the State Government

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