Rivers 2023: GOV. WIKE HAS SPOKEN; WHEN WILL RT. HON. AMAECHI SPEAK? – By Sotonye Ijuye-Dagogo

“The process of who takes over from me has started, that is my birthday gift to my Party Leaders, whoever that wants to run for the office of the Governor and you are in my government please resign”.
~ Gov Wike

That’s the truth of our reality today. Nothing happens unless the governor gives a nod.

The freedom to run for governorship is now a gift from the generous heart of the governor to the party and by extension to the electorate.

It’s treasonable for anyone to beat the gun. Who will give you the ticket if you dare the governor? Who will fund your election if you disobey the governor? Is wisdom not profitable?

Thank you Governor Wike. Your predecessors, Dr. Peter Odili and Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi couldn’t even announce a transition process as you just did. They kept it close to their hearts until it went awry. For this, Odili and Amaechi couldn’t handover to their successors and did not even attend the swearing-in ceremonies. They left office unceremoniously.

We hope that your fate will be different? We hope that you will throw the political field open? We hope that the process of who takes over from you won’t be the imposition of an already predetermined outcome? We hope that you will allow a level playing field? We hope that you will let the majority of your party men and women decide who the governorship flag bearer will be?

This is the only way you can write your name in gold despite all the good and bad things you have done and you are still doing. Rivers people will not remember the wrongs if you are able to bring stability to the state through this transition. Rivers State cries for stability.

Forget about the sycophancy, bootlicking and praise singing. Remember how Dr. Odili worshipped Alabo T.O. Graham-Douglas to get endorsements in 1998-99, only to fight Alabo to finish. Remember how Rt. Hon. Amaechi worshipped Odili to get support in 2007, only to disgrace Odili with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Remember how you (Nyesom Wike) were subservient to Amaechi only for you to embarrass Amaechi out of office.

Break this jinx Mr. Governor. Sycophancy is satanic. No slave loves his/her master. Forget about the eye-servants, they will be your albatross. They stoop to conquer and conquer devastatingly.

Your best friends are those who can look you in the face and tell you the truth. Hope you still have such persons? Hope you are amenable to the truth? You need the truth to set you free.

The next governor of Rivers State must be a stabilizing figure. A person that Rivers people can respect and not just the governor’s boy. A person that is acceptable across ethnic groups. A person that has proven competence, success and character. A person that will face governance and not politics. A person of peace that will not undermine the achievements of his/her predecessors.

Now that the gates are thrown open, let those who couldn’t even whisper their interest for the 2023 governorship come out. Let them use the next few months to engage with the people and propagate their vision for Rivers State.

I call on Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi to also begin the process in the APC. Let him reconcile the APC. Let the Rivers PDP avoid an implosion during the transition.

Rivers people want to see all the governorship contenders. The people want to ask questions about the next governor and demand clear answers.

Sotonye Ijuye-Dagogo

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