In his usual down to earth posture, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike declared on Saturday, January 1st, 2021, that Nigeria became a mistake in 2015 when APC and President Muhammadu Buhari were elected into power.

Nyesom Wike who was in Bauchi State to pay a new year visit to his friend and brother Governor, H.E Bala Muhammed of Bauchi said that since the coming of the APC-led Federal Government, things have turned worst for Nigeria and Nigerians in every facet of existence.

He said that Nigeria has never been so polarized than now because of the weakness of the Federal government which has failed to provide good governance thereby brewing insecurity making Nigerians not to be able to settle down for anything meaningful.

The Rivers State Governor said that Nigeria has a President who does not know what is going in the country as he is seated in Aso Rock Villa not knowing what is going on across the country but running administration virtually.

According to the Governor, “What Nigeria requires now is leadership, if you have a strong leadership, most of the problems will be solved. We don’t have leadership, a good leadership is the one who can take decisions.”

He stressed that, “Part of the problem we have today is that we don’t know weather we have a leadership that takes decision, you hear people take decisions on his behalf. In fact, it was surprising to me to hear one day that someone brought papers to Mr President to sign something of billions of Naira and later the man was arrested that he deceived Mr President.”

“How can as the President of the country, your driver or somebody else will just bring a note for me to sign for billions of naira, how can that be done? He queried saying, “This country requires a strong leader.”

Nyesom Wike added that, “I am surprised that the President signed trillions of Naira to purchase arms but the arms were not purchased under the then Service Chiefs and nothing was done, at the end of the day, he compensated them with ambassadorial appointments, what kind of a country is this, what kind of leadership?

He added that, “You saw a President yesterday who said that the 2022 budget is unimplementable but yet went ahead and sign it, something you know that will not help the country, but you could not face the National Assembly and tell them that you will not sign it, take it back.”

“But the electoral act, you discovered errors that direct primaries will be too expensive and it will affect security you will not sign, but the budget that affects the lives of millions of people of the country which you know cannot work, you sign it, haba,” he exclaimed.

According to him, “I don’t understand it, it doesn’t make any sense, I won’t sign if I know that it is not going to help to grow the economy whether it is overblown, I will not sign it. I will not go to compromise.”

On the fight against corruption, he said that, “If you are fighting corruption, you should be ready, for, corruption will fight back, the moment you come out to say that you are fighting corruption, you must be prepared to fight that corruption within the system.”

“As it is now, if you steal in PDP, you are a criminal but as soon as you join the APC, you are no longer a thief, what kind of system is that, is that the kind of leadership they want, no, nobody does that,” he enthused.

On the fight against insecurity, Nyesom Wike said that, “How are we fighting insecurity, every year the military will tell you, we don’t have weapons to fight, there’s no time they appeared before the National Assembly that they will tell you we have no weapons, it is always we don’t have weapons, what is going on?”

“This insecurity, this is not the kind of Nigeria we want, it is not the Nigeria where every day you wake up in the morning, the newspaper says, ’40 people have been killed…’ There is no day in Nigeria that people are not being killed.

“The whole responsibility of government is to protect lives and properties and once that is not there, there is no governance. People must be allowed to use the roads, they must be allowed to use the health facilities, they must be allowed to go to school, they must be allowed to go to the farm.”

“If you’re going to the market, you die, you’re going to the office, you die, so these deaths are not caused by those dying, they are caused by the inability of the so-called government to protect us.

While talking about the judiciary, he said that,”You talk about the autonomy of the judiciary, as we speak today, there’s no autonomy, look at the federal courts in all the states, go and see the nature of the courts.”

Reacting to the invasion of the house of Justice Mary Peter Odili, he said that, “I am very surprised that Mr President could not make a pronouncement over the invasion of the House of a Justice of the Supreme Court, did you hear Mr President say anything?

“I am very sure he would have made a statement if the person was killed, I am sure if Justice Odili was killed, he would have issued condolences, in a country when you see an abomination like the invasion of the House of Supreme Court Justice, it was not just invasion but a threat to the judiciary and the President of the country could not condemn such. I will not accept this because if the judiciary is hurt, democracy is hurt.”

“So, like I said, leadership is the issue, the moment we have a blessed strong leadership, then you know that you are going on the right track. Leadership does not look at religion, no way, Nigeria is a country that you must understand the feelings of other people, if you don’t do that, it will not work, if some people are feeling that they are not part of you, you must bring them closer to know that they are part of you. You must device a means to carry everybody along.”

Prior to his visit to the Palace of His Royal Highness, Dr. Rilwan Sulaiman Adamu, Emir of Bauchi where he was honoured by the Emir with the title of Jagoran Bauchi (Leader of Bauchi), Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, was at Government House Bauchi on a new year visit to the Governor of Bauchi State, Senator Bala Mohammed.

Addressing Sen. Mohammed, the Rivers Governor declared that God will not forgive the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP if it fails to heed the yearnings of Nigerians to return to power.

He said, “One of my resolutions for the year 2022, is to make sure that Nigeria is better than what it was last year. It is also to make sure that the PDP is united because, if the PDP makes the mistake of not listening to Nigerians, it will be very difficult for God to forgive the PDP.

“This an opportunity to save Nigeria. We, Christians, know that when the Israelites were in problems, God had to bring Moses to lead them. Nigeria is in serious problems now and it is PDP that will lead Nigeria out of these problems. So, we must take that responsibility. I’ll prefer that if God makes it that the ticket falls on him (Bala Mohammed), it means our chances are very, very brighter.

And in a related development, Rivers State Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has been honoured as the Jagoran Bauchi (Leader of Bauchi) by the Emir of Bauchi, His Royal Highness, Dr. Rilwan Sulaiman Adamu.

Governor Wike who was in Bauchi State on the 1st of January 2022 to pay a New Year visit to Governor Bala Muhammed also visited the Palace of the Emir to pay homage to the Emir.

While at the Government House Governor Wike described the Bauchi State Governor as an unpretentious true friend who keeps not just his word but his commitments also. He urged the people of Bauchi to remain focused as there is hope for Nigeria to be rescued.

He said Nigeria is presently plagued with a weak and bad leadership and the Peoples Democratic Party is set to provide a level playing field for good leadership to emerge in the country.

In his remarks the Bauchi State Governor described Governor Wike as the face of the Peoples Democratic Party and the emerging leader of Nigeria he went on to appreciate Governor Wike for his courage, forthrightness and capacity to say things as they are.

The Governor then proceeded to pay homage to the Emir of Bauchi at his Palace where he was honoured with the title of Jagoran Bauchi (Leader of Bauchi).

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