– By Patrick Ochei

Delta State Commissioner of Police, CP Ari Mohammed Ali has honoured the Queen Mother of Anioma and Nneoha, HRM Obi Martha Dunkwu with an award plaque, in recognition of her enormous support to the Police in Delta State in terms of peace initiatives and defence of law and order.

The CP while presenting the plaque, had eulogized Omu Dunkwu as an epitome of peace and the patriotic spirit of Nigeria.

According to Ari, “The dynamism of time has brought so much changes. The value of society has been thrown in the wind. The elders are no longer getting involved in sincere leadership and mentoring. Our sense of judgement has been beclouded by the naivity of what to grab for self and not in the collective interest of all.

“In times of election to choose people to sit in places of power, we know those we are voting are irresponsible, yet we go ahead to vote them in. We don’t know where we are heading to in this country. There is a total failure of our value system; where even the followers have become worse than the leaders they most often criticise. Every nation of the world is growing progressively but we are retrogressing. It is saddening when one is helpless and can’t do anything to change the narrative.

“However, we are glad when most times we hear you speak on various fora, national television and others, preaching positivity and rekindling our belief and hope for a better Nigeria. I personally am proud of you and the prominence you have achieved promoting patriotism, peace and unity of Nigeria.

“You are our mother; the mother of Anioma, Delta State and Nigeria. We must at all times give you the due regard and appreciate you for being there for Nigeria and her leadership system.

Receiving the award, an already dancing Omu Anioma, accepted the award from the depth of her heart, saying she would forever remember this honour done her.

“We don’t have much to show the depth of our love and essence of our appreciation to your person. But just to let you know that we do not take this visit for granted. This plaque is the symbol of the love and respect this Command has for your person, Your Majesty”, CP Ari Mohammed affirmed.

Her words, “I am an incurable lover of the Nigerian Police. These are men and women who daily stay awake at night that ordinary people like us can sleep with our two eyes closed.

“In my interview with ARISE TV during the #EndSARS Protest, I said that the Nigerian youths were not out to fight the Nigerian Police but to make demands for Police Reform that would bring about better deals for the Rank and File and Officers and Men of the Police Force working round the clock to give us security.

“My CP, the Police has done well for our country Nigeria. This is not to shield the bad eggs in the system who are giving bad name to other patriotic ones. My CP sir, this is the best time for the Nigerian Government to begin to vote in more funds to the Public Relations Department of the Nigerian Police to begin to showcase the good side of the Police Force.

“The Police is contributing to sports, the Police is contributing to music (talk about the Police Band) and most importantly, the Police is contributing enormously to internal security. We need to support them. And I have no regret chesting out for them when the need arises. I once wrote a piece during one of the ASUU strikes those days, suggesting that Police officers should be the highest paid segment of the Public Service. The ASUU leadership then descended on me to the extent of beseeching my office in Benin to know why I could hold such opinion in the middle of their struggle. And I told them if there was chaos in the country as a result of their strike, who will provide security, law and order if not the Police; and that time they won’t be talking about salary increment. They eventually saw reasons with me and we moved on again as friends.

“My CP, I say from the very depth of my heart, that I appreciate you for this honour. I will make sure to continue to do everything humanly possible to make your work progress positively and your stay in Delta rewarding. God will give you peace and prosper you on every side in Delta and beyond”, Omu Dunkwu declared.

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