Press Statement


The member representing Khana/Gokana Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Dumnamene Robinson Dekor says he is delighted with the peace and tranquil atmosphere that are pervading the entire communities of his constituency.

Speaking on OgoniTV during an interview at the weekend, the federal lawmaker said he has been busy visiting all the communities in Khana and Gokana Local Government Areas, LGAs, and expressed joy that people are moving about their legitimate businesses unmolested.

He said he became happier with cultural and music carnivals taking place in the day and nights, and commended the Local Government Council Chairmen of the two LGAs as well as security agencies for the synergy and communications, calling on them to sustain the tempo.

The former Deputy Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly as well as former Commissioner for Works in the state said he is pleased with the information that people who fled their communities were now returning home, but urged those still nursing fears to come back.

“As at Friday, we held a meeting with the traditional institution from the three districts in Khana namely Ken Khana, Nyokhana and Babbe, and what we are trying to put together now is a reconciliation committee to reconcile everybody and let them go back to what they are used to doing, which is farming and fishing”, he said.

Rt. Hon. Dekor said he remains unshakable in his determination to provide quality representation to the people of his constituency.

“Part of my slogan when I was coming for electioneering campaign was that we were going to give the people a voice, and by the grace of God we are doing that. Anybody who sees what we are doing will agree with us that we are doing that, even with the limited resources at our disposal.

“Mind you, our responsibility is very well defined which is to make laws and I’m proud to say we are doing very well in that regard. Even if I am not to assess myself, I believe to a great extent, we are representing the people very, very well. Even in terms of attracting projects to our people, we are doing the very best we can.

“As we speak, a bill is underway which has to do with the Niger Delta Institute for Technology and Skills Acquisition which is a federal institution we are putting in place and coming before the House. We hope that by the grace of God and the support of my colleagues, we will drive it to a logical conclusion.

“That is on one hand. On the other hand, we have moved a lot of motions and done a lot of advocacies. As an individual, I have done a lot of advocacy to the extent that some of the little changes we see in HYPREP structure today, I can say we are part of the advocacy that has brought us to where we are today”, he said.


January 26, 2022.

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