A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State, Ejiro Oghenero, has appealed to leaders of the party in Isoko Nation to honour the rotational system between Isoko North and Isoko South in the interest of peace.
Oghenero also appealed to the leaders of PDP particularly from Isoko North to allow Isoko South produce the next House of Representatives member for Isoko Federal Constituency in the 2023 general elections.
In a statement on Thursday, the chieftain who hails from Ozoro in Isoko North, noted that it was the turn of Isoko South to produce Hon. Leo Ogor’s successor.
“Constitutionally, it is the right of every Isoko Son and Daughter to contest all available political positions. But political and administrative exigencies introduced a dichotomy that seems to be threatening the core essence of our unity and progress of the Isoko Nation.
“For over two decades, yes 20 years, The Right Honourable Leo Ogor, a core, bonafide Isoko Northerner like myself, has been at the House of Representatives on the platform of our party, the PDP representing the Isoko interest.
“There are documented facts, both audio and visuals, where he severally declared, puting his honour at stake that Isoko South that have faithfully supported and voted massively for him, will take over the mantle from him.
“Rt. Honourable Leo Ogor’s Aviara Declaration before Elders and Leaders of the Isoko Nation should be sacrosanct, especially as it is known that he is a man who stands and works by his words. Isoko North and South are not known to be rebellious, we cannot at this time rebel against our leader and spite our noses.
“It goes without saying that Isoko North PDP leaders should honour the patriotic wish of our Leader, Rt. Hon. Leo Ogor. And it is expected that the Isoko South PDP will come up with candidates with verified developmental, united and progressive records that the Isoko Nation will rally round and vote for.
“We don’t need to be told that there is a strong undercurrent among the leaders of Isoko South that they will put aside party’s interest and vote for the opposition that will present their own Son or Daughter for the House of Representatives election, if Isoko North PDP insists on denying them the opportunity to have a shot at the coveted seat. That, if allowed to happen, will be political harakiri of PDP in Isoko land.
“Noteworthy also is the spirit of rotation that is pervading the country now. We must as people agitating for fair play and justice, be seen to key into what has taken root throughout the country, that power must shift from one zone to another zone in rotational order.
“Isoko North leaders must not rock a cruising boat. They must put all pecuniary interests aside and work for the emergence of an Isoko South PDP House of Representatives candidate that will represent the Isoko Nation faithfully as our collective choice”, he said.

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