Some constituents from Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State, under the aegis of Concerned People Of Ughelli South have appealed to their political leaders to as much as possible avert the looming crisis over what they termed “An Attempt By Mischief Makers To Make Ughievwen People Believe They Can Continue In The State House of Assembly For Another Eight Years”.

This decision to make this passionate appeal was reached recently after their enlarged meeting in Asaba, where they all came to the conclusion that Ughievwen people of Ughelli South Constituency have no reason to continue to represent the Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly, after serving their mandatory eight (8) years already.

They further advised the leaders not to allow the marginalisation of the South-South in the national political equation to play out in Ughelli South politics.

According to them, “Ughelli South has six kingdoms – Ughievwen, Arhavwarien, Effurun Otor, Eghwu, Okparabe and Olomu.”

Making further assertions, they stated that the injustice in Ughelli South began with the unfair distribution of the wards, where three kingdoms were alloted three wards (Arhavwarien, Okparabe and Eghwu Kingdoms) and merged into Ewu wards 1,2&3.

They said another two kingdoms (Olomu and Effurun Otor) were merged into Olomu ward 1,2&3.

However, painful as it is, the final Kingdom – Ughievwen was given five wards (the Jeremi ward 1,2,3,4&5), thereby shortchanging the five other kingdoms because they were not politically exposed as at the time this conspiracy was formulated and executed.

The group however, charged the leaders of Ughelli South, including the seating Governor of Delta State not to allow this injustice continue this time, insisting that only Ewu ward 1,2&3 makes up to 20 large communities that produce the highest number of votes during elections in the area, in addition to producing over 50 percent of the oil revenue from same area.

Giving an analysis of representation, the group stated that Ewu wards 1,2&3 first produced the House of Assembly member for eight (8) years in the person of Hon. Pius Ewerido. After then was the turn of Olomu ward 1,2&3 who also represented the Constituency for eight (8) years with Hon. Talib Tebite. This time around, the Ughievwen ward 1,2,3,4&5 is about completing their eight (8) years with Hon. Reuben Izeze.

So how come that the same Ughievwen people are now planning to àlter the long standing arrangement by conspiring to continue in power for another eight (8) years? This cannot be allowed to stand as it is capable of breeding violence in the area.

Insisting on what must be done to sustain the already existing peace in the area, the group said, “We must not allow those fanning the embers of crisis to create unrest in our politics just because they feel that Ewu and Olomu do not have a choice with Ughievwen returning to the State Assembly for another eight (8) years.

“Ewu and Olomu cannot be made insignificant in Delta State politics because of the errors of yesterday. We say No to intimidation and oppression. We say No to cheap political blackmail. Let there be fairness, equity and justice as basis for our continued peaceful coexistence.

“We therefore, call on our political leaders in Ughelli South to rise up and defend the unity and peace of Ughelli South by correcting the anomalies of the past political mistakes in order to maintain the already existing peaceful coexistence in the area.

“It is the turn of Ewu to step into the Delta State House of Assembly to represent Ughelli South Constituency, while Ughievwen should now take the Council Chairmanship of the Local Government. It is after Ewu that Olomu goes, before Ughievwen can even return to the State House of Assembly. This is the way it is structured and so shall it remain. This is fairness and equity. On this Accord we stand!

“We call on all sons and daughters within the two Kingdoms of Olomu ward 1,2&3 to wake up to this injustice and do not think that it does not concern you; if you don’t stand up to it now, it means that you will not be represented in the Assembly till after 32 years.

“And to the sons and daughters of Okparabe, Arhavwarien and Eghwu Kingdoms, remain peaceful and hopeful as light will definitely come to the Kingdoms”, the group insisted.

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