Rotary Club of Sapele Gateway, has built a solar powered, three thousand litres, borehole water facility and toilet facility, for the Chude girls’ Model School, Sapele, Delta State, as part of ways of fulfilling the Rotary International President, Shekhar Mekhar’s key initiative of empowering and improving the girl-child’s access to education, health, sanitation and hygiene.

President of the Rotary Club of Sapele Gateway Happy Tosan-Mene PHF++, during the Commissioning of the completed project, said Rotary believes that empowering girls and young women to have greater access to education, better healthcare, more employment, and equality in all walks of life should be embedded in every Rotary project.

He said: “The Rotary Club of Sapele Gateway is glad to build a toilet facility and provide solar borehole water facility for this school, through the Rotary International district 9141grant.This is the first district grant project given to a club here in Sapele. We are happy to be privileged to get a grant to execute projects that will empower girls and impact the community.

“I appreciate the District Governor Andy Uwejeyan for giving us the great opportunity to serve to change lives. This girl’s boarding and day school has a dilapidated toilet facility. The girls and teachers here use the bushes as their toilet and no portable water also.

“Girls are future leaders, so we must ensure that we help them shape their future”, President Happy Tosan-Mene of the Rotary Club of Sapele Gateway, added.

On his part, District Governor of the Rotary International district 9141 Andy Uwejeyan while Commissioning the district Grant project, said the project will solve the need of clean water, hygiene and disease prevention, in the school community, which fell the seven areas of focus in Rotary.

“Everything project we carry out in Rotary, falls under our area of focus, which includes water and sanitation, and disease prevention and treatment. So this project falls under these areas of focus. We believe that when you solve problems associated with water, then you will prevent diseases.

“We thank the Rotary Club of Sapele Gateway for making a formidable impact on the Sapele community within a short period of time they were Chartered as a club. The District is proud of every club who have worked hard to register the presence of Rotary in the area”, the Rotary International district Governor remarked.

Principal of Chude girls’Model School, Sapele Delta State, Okuzare Ozuwazor thanked the Rotary Club of Sapele Gateway for the gesture, she described the project as a dream come true.

“Many organizations have come and made promises that were never fulfilled about provisions of such facilities here. I’m very happy that Rotary came in and kept their promises just under three weeks. It’s a dream come true. Staff and students can now comfortably answer to “nature call” with these projects. Today the Chude girls’ Model School now have a portable water facility and comfortable toilet facilities through Rotary”, she said.

Our correspondent Precious Ahiakwo-Ovie reports that highlights of the event includes presentation of award of selfless service to the President of the Rotary Club of Sapele Gateway Happy Tosan-Mene by the Chude girls’ Model School, red house, which was named after the President.

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