Nwabueze Speaks On 2nd Phase Virtual Fundraising, For St. Theresa’s Maternity, Hospital Issele-Uku, Building Project

– By Patrick Ochei

Convener of the initiative for St. Theresa’s Maternity and Hospital Issele-Uku Building Project, Dr. Augustine Nwabueze has said that the second phase of Virtual Fundraising of #40 million will help achieve the second stage of the building renovation and other remedial works within the hospital complex.

Nwabueze who spoke to our Correspondent from USA amidst the fundraising slated for Sunday 24th April, 2022, said the launching is being hosted by the American and Canada Committee; however, he called on other well meaning indigenes of Issele-Uku and their friends to join from across the world via zoom.

The US based medical doctor appreciated the Project Execution Committee for excellent implementation of plans at the hospital which has already seen the first phase fully completed.

He therefore, urged them not to deter in the sense that there are more to be done as soon as more funds are raised.

His words, “This is a clarion call, and it is a call for community development. All over the world today, people are urged to give back to their society. We must contribute to our place of birth and starting point to make it better for others to be proud of.

“This is what motivated me to initiate this project. Majority of us were born in that hospital. Then, after many years that we had left the shores of Nigeria, only to come back to still see the hospital in bad shape. It doesn’t speak well of our discipline and the ambassadorial role we should be playing to our place of birth and facilities that assisted our growth from the formative stages of life.

“It still quakes my heart imagining the state of the hospital the day I came home and visited the place. It was there and then, I took this decision that St. Theresa’s Maternity and Hospital Issele-Uku must come alive again, to continue to attend to human health needs around Issele-Uku and beyond. I will be better in my state of mind when that hospital is fully completed and comes on stream.

“I want to immensely appreciate those who donated towards the project in our First Phase Fundraising. God will continue to replenish your purse and bless you more abundantly that your sources of incomes will never run dry.

“However, I want to encourage us not to be weary until the project is completed. We started it, we must complete it collectively by the grace of God. And I want to assure you that while the glory goes to God, you must surely receive your reward of patriotism and selflessness.

“Please join me again on Sunday the 24th of April as we raise another round of #40 million to execute the second part of the building project at St.Theresa’s Maternity and Hospital Issele-Uku. Thank you and God bless you”, Nwabueze said.

Nevertheless, the St. Theresa’s Maternity and Hospital Issele-Uku Building Project Committee is open to receiving freewill donations from communities around Issele-Uku who have benefitted from the services of the hospital since inception and of course, travellers whose lives had been saved from accidents and sudden attacks of sicknesses at the hospital. Nothing is too small, as the bank account: St. Theresa’s Maternity and Hospital Issele-Uku Building Project, 2142752009, UBA, is open to all.

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